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Flying NPC and Mounts 2015-01-24

For everything Flying

  1. ATruGod
    Compiled for ServUO Publish 54
    One of My favorite combined systems at the moment, All things Flying!! This combines :
    GD13's Flying NPC's
    Some One (unremembered) Player Flyable Reptalon
    Some One (unremembered) Player Flyable Hyru
    SpookyRoberts True Phoenix
    Phoenix Armor (which has Set properties for Complete Set)

    I have also added BaseSpecialCreature by Kenko with the Mobile Feature added (by another Member) . If You added the Invasion System I posted just remove the BaseSpecialCreature Folder from this package.

    There is a 7zip in the Mobiles folder, this is in case You want to convert all Your "Flying Mobiles" to truly Fly. I think I got them all (please inform Me if I didn't). If You use it You just have to remove all the like Mobile Files. ALSO I SUGGEST YOU UNSPAWN YOUR SHARD BEFORE RESTARTING WITH THIS ADDITION or You will be asked to delete each of these that are spawned.

    This will make Mobiles changed to FlyingCreature (and an AI change) able to truly fly (and not attackable from the ground with non ranged weapons...at a certain height) This also Make Reptalon and Hiryu Flyable by a PM (with taming 110 or over). By default FlyingCreature.cs is set to CanFlying = false; (<---not the same as CanFly) so all mounts won't fly away.

    There are 3 small file edits, 2 files for Flying AI (BaseCreature and BaseAI) and BaseMount is changed to FlyingCreature from BaseCreature) If You haven't edited these files You can replace them otherwise the 2 AI file edits are denoted with Flying regions.

    I made the WeakPhoenix from the True Phoenix package the Distro Phoenix (to basically auto start that system with a distro spawned Phoenix) I also added the chance for the Phoenix Armor drops.

    Also by default I made Flying Creature Displacer = True (From BaseSpecialCreature) to add a chance for Flying creatures to "dodge" attacks

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