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Abandoned or Donated Full Shards

Unsure on The Requirements to make these run.
It has come to My attention that in the 10 or so Years I have been doing this (The UO Emulator thing) I have acquired quite a Library of scripts, as I'm sure most of You that have been around awhile have also. But what might be an even better "Library" of scripts could be found would be in My Folder of Abandoned or Donated Shards. After some discussion with the Community, I offer these for Your enjoyment:

Age Of Valor
Die andere Welt <--- A German Shard Shard.rar?dl=0
Ulmeta <----- This one was recently released on RunUO as well

I did not remove anything from the original downloads.

Now all I ask is that if You pull something out of one of these shards and submit it please just give some credit to the original shard (name) in Your submission.
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none of these dropbox links work anymore sadly. :(
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