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Invasion System (incomplete) 2015-01-17

Town Invasions

  1. ATruGod
    Compiled for ServUO Publish 54
    This is an Incomplete Invasion System.
    I did not write these scripts...they were given to me a number of years back by one of the older members (Mortis).

    I have added a number of other scripts to make this even more dynamic, they are; BaseSpecialCreature by Kenko http://www.runuo.com/community/threads/runuo-2-0-rc1-basespecialcreature.75708/
    Mobile Features by to old to remember (added to BaseSpecialCreature instead of BaseCreature)
    BaseSubChamps by soldierfortune http://www.runuo.com/community/threads/sub-champions.41937/#post-299952
    Metal Assemblies by to old to remember
    Couple Versions of Lord BlackThorn

    Add scripts (no distro edits), restart shard, command "[invasion" brings up gump

    You can invade Britain (with Metal Assemblies and Blackthorn), Cove (with Orcs) and Minoc (with Jukas) those are the only complete invasions. Of course you can change the creatures (its the locations that take the most time).
    I'm hoping with a little community input the rest of the cities can be completed.
    This works for all Facets. All you have to do is start the invasion and when the SubChamp is beaten it ends the invasion for that city.
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