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Have an idea for a dungeon or city music? Want music from another game in your uo server?! just get the midi and post a link here I will create a track and post it here. It takes me like 2 minutes maybe 10 or an hour either way its good experience for me and i would love to contribute to this community again. Popular MIDIs — BitMidi is a great place to start for getting midi but im sure you guys will find the ultimate resource out there... I will literally make 100 tracks a day if you guys send me the midi its so easy for me XD I will only post in the format needed by the uo client! XD

Also so I can do it all themed the same using the same instruments or whated or i can add tons of energy or i can make it super dark its just up to you just shoot me some midi with your vision for the track and ill do my best to make it quick


  • zelda.mp3
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Timmy Trumpet everywhere would be great. Set it to double click the trumpet add on for bonus points :D

Had to compress it. Wont let me add just .mid files
i tried dropping it into fl it wont work it does play though and lol I didnt expect it to be edm :p we are supposed to be making dungeon music here haha