Looking for history of this forum and runUO forks, general state of freeshards.


Mar 26, 2019
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So, curious, is there a post someone can link to giving a bit of history of the various RunUO forks and alternatives. If not, I'd love to here from the group here. As I poke around more, finding some of my stuff pilfered and renamed with zero attribute to my originals:confused:, I'd like to get myself up-to-date on the freeshard code scene. Runuo forums no activity, found a justuo.com(playuo?) site (more of my stuff taken over), but trying to register redirects to the IIS Windows default page (Eww!). Not a lot of activity there either, most threads are around 2017. A few on the home page pinned from 2016?

So what's the most current and active freeshard software/forums/code base? We're running ServUO since our coder @dex_lexia does most of the care-taking there. I'm dusting off my CEO directory and determining what to start sharing and where.


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Feb 10, 2014
@Vorspire would have more information than me but a lot of it is lost to time to be honest.

ServUO started from ForkUO in 2013. I was not around for the ForkUO days so I cannot tell you of the activity of that.

PlayUO is an outdated fork of ServUO. It started because the owner of ServUO at the time went AWOL and the ServUO site was unresponsive a lot of the time and people were afraid the site would just up and close one day. I was the web admin of ServUO at that time but was limited in what resources I had to fix the issues so I worked on transferring everything into my name including the domain and licenses. I managed to do that after a lot of back and forth with multiple companies. Because ServUO was now safe and already established the PlayUO project kinda just died off as it was not necessary to have 2 projects with the same goal. My love goes out to all involved in the PlayUO project though as it did look like the only chance to save the community back in the day before we were able to save ServUO.

Since then there have been a few forks here and there but nothing gained traction and ServUO continues to be the most active emulation community around.

If you find any more of your code without attribution or incorrect attribution you can 100% submit a PR to fix it up :)
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Mar 3, 2013
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Exactly why when I posted your CEO Moongate Library it was directed as you the scripter :) plus I usually always add, not my script


Mar 26, 2019
Sacramento, Ca
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So far I've found one (gmhidingstone.cs) that the "author" added 4 effects (RedSparkle1,RedSparkle2,Marchenzio1,Hell), then repackaged it as his own without so much of any mention that it came from me. After I released this, I had a couple people send me new effects, which I added, and gave them the credit appropriately. If this was some obscure, rarely used code, not so big deal, but I bet nearly every freeshard has this in use somewhere.

I haven't looked at any others in the code-base, I found this one by doing a simple "ceo" search on the current base and it hit due to my commented code. So basically whoever this person is, added about 60ish lines of code for his 4 effects to existing 15 effects, and then completely removed me from the header/comment, added his own dates and changed the version to 1.0 (was 1.3). Pure ripoff.
Script Name: GMHidingStone.cs
Author: CEO
Version: 1.3
Public Release: 06/05/04
Updated Release: 01/29/07
Purpose: A stone that allows for multiple hide/appear effects for counselors and above.
Script Name: GMHidingStone.cs
Author: Marchenzio
Version: 1.0
Public Release: 01/01/09
Updated Release: 01/01/09
Purpose: A stone that allows for multiple hide/appear effects for GM and above.
Mine: Line 110
if (effHue > 0) effHue--; //Adjust the friggin hue to match true effect color
His: Line 134
if (effHue > 0)
effHue--; //Adjust the friggin hue to match true effect color
Mine: Line 212
case StoneEffect.FireStorm2: //CEO Using above idea, this one does the firestorm outside->in
His: Line 237
case StoneEffect.FireStorm2: //CEO Using above idea, this one does the firestorm outside->in
Hey, really though, my original release was 2004, and then an update in 2007. This guy took it and re-released in 2009. I haven't been around for nearly 8-10 years, so I get it, but at least give me the original credit. And as I mentioned in a PM, I was fairly confident that this made it's way into the code base from a previous fork (confirmed by dmurphy) and is in no way a reflection of the current keepers of the ServUO base. And frankly from reading, if it wasn't for their efforts the freeshard code scene would be dead (assuming no one else stepped up to the plate) and left in turmoil, so my hats off to them. They've already said to do a pull request (when I figure out how.. lol) to fix this issue. ;)

On a side-note, it was nice to see a lot of addon's in the base with appropriate headers, that my add-on generator creates, of:

//                                    //
//   Generated by CEO's YAAAG - V1.2  //
// (Yet Another Arya Addon Generator) //
//                                    //
Which as you can see, I give credit to the original author for his idea, even though I think the code generator itself has mostly been rewritten.

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Mar 21, 2015
This is how the UO emulator scene has been developed from 1997 to 2015. This is the backbone of any offspring built later.


UOX3 - 22.Oct 1997 - by Cironian (Markus Rating)
Grayworld - Early 98 - by Menace
UOAWE - Monday Feb 9, 1998 - by Gabriel
POL - Summer 1998 - by Syzygy
Hybrid - 1998 - by McNealy, Sean Rose and Cycline3
UOX-pi - 8th Jan 2000 - by LB
Epsilon - May 2001 - by Kair
NoX-Wizard - 25.June 2001 - by xan
Revelation - August 21st 2001 - by ???
Lonewolf - 9th November 2001 - by LB & ???
Shard Emulator - 9th November 2001 - by frazurbluu
UOX-Classic - Nov. 17, 2001 - by Sargo
Method - February 10th 2002 - by Malchir
Atum - February 2002 - by Ramsess
Tupi - February 4th 2002 - by Guilherme Lanius (speka)/Gabriel Abut-Lussier(dalzhim)
RunUO - September 2002 - by Krrios
SteamEngine - 29. September 2002 - by Shadowlord
UOX3 "Unofficial" - 1st January 2003 - by punt
UOX:NG - September 2003 - by Generic Player
MyUO - October 2003 - by Luxor (Fabrizio Montesi)
Psychotropic - December 2003 - Ian McNealy
AUOE - March 2nd 2004 - f0xfire
Athena - March 10th 2004 - by Kair
Canera-Project - March 15th 2004 - by Sargo
equinox - September 19th 2004 - by prisonernumber7
RunUO-RE/RUOSI - December 31st 2004 - by Wyatt
SunUO - February 5th 2005 - by Max Kellermann
Ultima Online: Shattered Legacy Server - May 30th 2005 - by Maximilian Scherr (Max)
Werewolf - December 7th 2005 - by Zagyg
UO:98 - December 7th 2011 - by Batlin
JUOServer - January 22 2012 - by daneel_olivaw
uoOS - July 11th 2012 - by Xantier
ForkUO - September 5th 2012 - by AugmentedInsanity. Renamed to ServUO on March 19th, 2013
JustUO - October 17th 2014 - by Ravenwolfe
UltimaPHP - Aug 8th 2015 - by João Escribano

- Grim
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Jul 29, 2013
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The original name of ServUO before it was ForkUO, was WalkUO.
Just thought I'd toss that out there for the time-line :D

Also, JustUO was started by Dian, not Ravenwolfe, although I'm foggy on the details of that project's progress after the first couple of months.

CEO - don't be so bummed about the credits my friend, attribution is the right thing to do of course, but don't let it define the way you approach the community!
You have a certain code style that's recognisable, especially to those that have worked with your Turbo Slots system (awesome, btw).
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Jan 19, 2019
CEO I can say one thing you have made a shit load of scripts from runuo to servuo and on.

Loved that timeline Xuri is the one of the very first devs to help break UO client every one. If you all talk to him he can give you the low down of all the emulator history. Hell a book should of been written on it.

Look at the link he posted. I think every one should visit uox website as that is one of the old emulators around.

Also I am Dragon Slayer i been around since the first UOX. or UO emulator every released.

I look back at all my history with emulators I was the biggest dirt bag no good peice of shit.
I am sorry to all for my stupidy.

I grew up on uo and uo emulators and I guess being around all that time didnt help me, and I tryed to do good in a lot of communitys and I always ended up being a ass hole to people. I ran off some really good people that was my friends though the years. I think about all them years. i guess all i wanted was to be reconized as some one that did help and did good.

I like to say one thing for every one hear our mistakes is our mistakes no one else. If I learned anything do not lose your friendship over programing what you make here is friends for life and if i learned anything those people are sometimes more then just friends they come family even if its a online community. Growing is a big part of life and learning is a big one as well.

Truthfully I am glad to servuo still going and moving along because this place keeps the creative ideas alive.


Jun 24, 2018
Thank you for your contributions, CEO. I've used many of your scripts in the past. Your slots/casino scripts were very popular on the shard I helped develop years ago.

While we're on the subject of gmhidingstone, I've been messing with it a bit lately, trying to dust off my scripting skills by getting it to play user-selectable sounds on hide and appear. I've also been trying to see if I can get it to show a message upon appearance and disappearance. Regardless of all that, as it turns out, its "SendStoneEffects" is used in GaryRoom.cs, so it would seem the hiding stone in its own way has become an integral part of ServUO. Congratulations?

Anyhow, thanks again. I'm having a great time fiddling with the hiding stone. Hopefully I can get it all figured out here soon.