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Mjollnir - Thor's Hammer 2.0

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Mjollnir - Thor's Hammer - Thor's Hammer


This is my first ever upload to SERVUO.

I'm running the latest version of SERVUO and this weapon should be downloaded and simply put into your custom script folder. It can then be added in game by doing [add Mjollnir

I've done so to say thanks to a community that's supported me and helped me when I've had questions.

The hammer is actually designed off a Sledgehammer tool in game so the image is of a tool because I thought it looked the coolest out of all existing in game weapons and...

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Looks pretty cool. But I did have to make some changes to get it to load without errors (may just be different ServUO versions?)
What is the 'float'? I have not noticed it before, but it is in other weapons.

        public override int AosMinDamage { get { return 17; } }
        public override int AosMaxDamage { get { return 20; } }
        public override int AosStrengthReq { get { return 95; } }
        public override int AosSpeed { get { return 20; } }
        public override float MlSpeed { get { return 2.50f; } }
        //    public override int StrengthReq => 95;
        //    public override int MinDamage => 17;
        //    public override int MaxDamage => 20;
        //    public override float Speed => 2.50f;


Hi, Yeah I've tried some of your scripts before bud looks like your running off a different version than me I believe, the float is the ML weapon speed but it may be displayed differently on some of the weapons on your server