Hey there.

I have been working on a new shard listing site for the past week and feel it is far enough development to go into an open beta so we can find and squash bugs :)

The link is :

Right now the site is fully functional and as far as I tested myself seems to be bug free, there is only so much testing one can do though without help.

My reasons for making this site are numerous. The main one being that this site will be 100% fair. There will be no vote manipulation and it is very, very fair. You can even check the vote logs for each server to see who has been voting for that server.

As you can see it is in a temporary location right now while I decide upon a name for the site. I am taking suggestions also! ALso if you have any ideas for the site please let me know and I will try my best to accomodate!

I have not been documenting features as I have been developing because usually I just get an idea and do it and move onto the next and forget about it :p. However I will post a feature list below to the best of my memory. I may have forgotten some.

Site front end features:
  • Based on bootstrap for a clean and easy to develop with framework
  • Multiple options for searching and sorting the shard listings including country hosted and specific eras
  • Current player count and peak player count
  • uptime display
  • Server software display
  • ability to create detailed shard descriptions including one video presentation
  • Half masked public IP log for voting that anyone can see.
  • Dynamic banner generation for your website or for posting on forums that shows your shard name, IP and current player count. All the colors are changeable by the server owner. Future updates will include more backgrounds.
  • Visitors can add comments to server pages
  • Can add multiple servers on one account
  • Multiple themes to choose from
  • Probably more I am missing :p
  • Polls for new information every 5 minutes from your server.
  • Much more but doesn't really matter to front end users

Until the next version of ServUO if you want your server to show up as using the ServUO software you will need to replace your packets.cs with the one attached. Note though that I have no idea how other top sites poll your server and this may break functionality with them.

drop it in Scripts\Services\RemoteAdmin


  • Packets.cs
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Hey thanks man! Let me know if you come across any problems. I already found one thanks to your shard being added and squashed that bug :p

Will keep those names in mind but it's more a shard list than a voting site. I want to make it easy to find the kind of shard you want rather then joining the one with the most votes.

I am working on graphs at the moment. Will have a historic view on how your shard is doing with regards playerbase.

And my personal Favourite


Hehe just joking nice work Dmurphy look forward to seeing it when its finished :)
So I have gone ahead and given the name a code name which may or may not end up being the final name of the project.

Shard.list and the domain is

What do you guys think?

Also what I am currently working on.

Votegate.php: What you will send people too to vote.
Site security: working on making sure the site is ironclad as regards any vulnerabilities. I am putting in measures to make sure any person found trying to cheat or manipulate anything will be automatically banned by the system. Ofcourse this can lead to false positives so if it happens please let me know in here.
Just thought I'd mention this... Your 1st post to that site, one of the shards has no banner so I can get to their web site. Just letting you know.
I'm gonna give this a little bump as I really need people to sign up so I can test the systems especially the shard poller.

What has changed since the last post?

Name change to shard.list and domain name is
graphs are almost finished. You can see an example of what they will look like at
Vote-gate is available. You now send your players to to vote.
Multiple backend changes to increase security.

What's coming in the future?
Anti cheating features including anti vpn and anti proxy.
Ability to join a shard right from the website using a companion app that will be in development soon.
And more. If you have suggestions please post them and I will truly give them great consideration as this site is for you. The player and for you, the server owner!

Thanks for reading!
Looks great so far but I do have a couple questions :) Will a server be able to add some information about their server & when viewing the page the banners cover the number of players online and the peak numbers, any way that could be changed?
Looks great so far but I do have a couple questions :) Will a server be able to add some information about their server & when viewing the page the banners cover the number of players online and the peak numbers, any way that could be changed?

Servers are already able to add a lot of information. The have access to a few BBcodes as well to make it pretty :p. They can also attack one youtube video.

As for the banners taking over the other information, that is a known issue with low resolution displays or small window size. It will be fixed this weekend probably!

Thanks for the kind words :)
Gonna bump this to give you guys this weeks changelog.

It can be viewed at:

The big change is that player lists are ready!! You can view directly the players that are on the shard that you are looking at.
This is configurable on a per shard basis. You can see an example at:

However it depends on a third party script written by @Voxpire that is not publicly available at the moment so until then you cannot add this to your server page.