Pandora's Box 2 or


I need some help on this
My system is win10, .NET Framework 4.5.1 &1.1, Runuo 2.2 & Runuo2.5 & ServUO-Master, Client
All is good but my Pandora's Box 2 or Pandora's Box don't work.

The Pandora's Box 2 load up to Creating new profile and it stop doing nothing at all.
And yes I did Run as Admin on it..

The Pandora's Box
it will not load up at all I did Admin and I am not running my server on the same client at all I have two clients
all what is popping up is this.

Client Path not found

The client path has not been found, maybe your registry key is corrupted or is missing, choose a way to fix it:

Yes: Pandora will try to search where you installed the client automatically
No: You manually specify the client path


Where is the pandora's box folder? I would try to move it to your desktop and run it from there
Also you want to keep the client at Client
With the newest client you can still run Pandoras
Add this folder in your Game Client Folder --2nd post with the Converted UOP Files

its on my desktop and when I get the new Client my runuo servers don't work right and all my custom work over the years don't work on servuo servers


You did try to manually point pandora's to your game client also?
Ty I got it working I have 4 clients
[doublepost=1485295222][/doublepost]Now all is working good. Now I am trying to fix the paper doll character status 14 weight to get it to 0