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Paperdoll, journal, map and character status 2014-05-26

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Wow, very nice stuff! Thanks for sharing!

*I seem to only get the jpg image again, when trying to download.


Great work, this is what i will use for my own shard definitely.

EDIT: btw, would you take requests? I can tell you how to translate those in spanish, which at least would benefit me :rolleyes:
Sorry,I don't have much time, and when I have free time I use it to develop my shard ^_^

Here is the zip file that contains my work.
I hope you enjoy it.
Make it a good use!


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Sorry i am kinda new at this, how would i install this?
Download UOFiddler. If you're using a uo version past you'll have to decrypt/extract the uop files into mul files. There is lots of information how to do this on the forums just search for it. If you're using a uo version or lower simply open uofiddler and make sure it's point to the correct client files. settings > path settings.. then set path manual if you need to close the pathsettings window and click settings > Reload Files (not reload paths). After that click on the Gumps tab and search for the images you are looking to replace. Right click the image and click Replace, now navigate the file explorer to the image you want to replace it with. after you're done replacing all the images you want to. Right click any of the images on the gump tab and click save.
It will save your gumpart.mul and gumpidx.mul to the Output Path defined in Settings > Options.


Amazing stuff this is, question. You have some files numbered 1-13 where on earth do those go? I'm sure with enough time I can figure it out but figured I'd ask. But yes wow!


Not gonna lie, looking good, nice coherent style too. Fitting the theme. I especially like the status bar (minimized) the other gumps are really nice as well :)