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Paperdoll Remake Project (1.0) 2021-05-31

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Zigholtul88 submitted a new resource:

Paperdoll Remake Project (1.0) - Replaces everything before SA with new gump art to include new paperdolls for both humans and elves.

Well its finally finished. After almost 3 months or so I managed to redo around 600 of the original gump art. Replacing them with either new updated pieces either made from the community/what I could find via google image search or (in the case of mostly everything cloth/armor) stitched/cut up and reformatted in order to accommodate the remade male/female paperdoll proportions.

I've included a google drive link containing the mul files for download, so feel free to check it out and if you...

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Bit of a small update. Currently fixing some if not all of the hair styles due to improper functionality with the game engine and will release an updated version whenever I get around to it.

However for those wondering why in the heck I didn't originally include pics with this upload. Mostly due to laziness, but if you are interested in a bit of history with this project, I'll provide a link to my FB page so you can check out the album I've uploaded a while back and basically see what you're not only getting yourself involved with, but also in addition to how complex I originally wanted this system to be.