PvP Ranking System Exist?

Blood and Honey

Apr 7, 2020
Hello! I am looking for a standard PvP ranking system that ranks all players on the server in open world pvp. I've seen it on various freeshards before.. It worked something like this:

Killing a player would award at minimum +1 point to your rank. Players would always get only +1 point if killing someone below their rank, and lower ranked players could get +multiple points if they killed a higher ranked player (more points depending on how significant the rank difference was between the two players). It also had a 30minute or hour cooldown before getting points off the same player - to help combat point farming. A bulletin board was able to display the rankings.

*It additionally kept a record of number of Kills/Deaths in PvP as well*

Does anyone know of anything like this that ranks open world pvp kills/deaths?