Removed? No, it was never a part of ForkUO/ServUO. There are plans to develop one eventually though. If you really want it now, people have managed to get the one from OrbUO working on ServUO.
I can tell you right now that the Imbuing that was included with Orb3.0 was added last minute. We used SF Imbuing and the system needs a TON of work. Grammar errors abound causing issues, success rates are way off (50 times in a row to imbue with a 3% chance of success and it worked all 50 times). It was a nice effort, but I think the entire system was too over-worked really. Makes it tough to troubleshoot and make adjustments as needed.
It is posted in script support instead of releases section, go take a look and you can find it. it appears to be taken directly from Orb.