I was looking through ServUO and trying to find where the password and username packets come in to either accept or decline.

Lately I have been thinking of toying with my own type of Razor or UOSteam client...

I have found out how to connect to the server to where it says on the ServUO prompt (Connected) but No where how to connect to the server and get it to send the right packets..

Anyone know any of how to play with this :)
Bit more detail would help about what your trying to do but normally I think the game client would send to the server the kind of thing your looking for.

AccountHandler.cs has a bit of this I think.

Sounds like your working on an app that connects to servers, try goggle for packet guides about it. Might help.
I did have a link a long time ago which explained how it went through the connection process, probably long gone but i'll have a hunt around for it.

It's actually a VB project. Although you can compile it and use the library via your own C# app rather easy. Been a while since I've seen anyone touch it. It's basically a library that's supposed to do everything a 3rd party client would do to interact with a server. Connecting/logging on has been working with it for a long time. I also believe there is a demo C# app for it somewhere that basically acts as a 3rd party client ran from the console, via text commands.

Hell, you could even try converting the project over to C# if you wanted. VB to C# is pretty easy to do. I'd also recommend looking on google for more info about the project. Since it's open source, people have done their own things with it too. May find something a bit more updated somewhere else (be prepared to translate the page though, as most UO sites lately aren't in English.)