Remaining Items?


Is there a list fixes that need to be done, or features implemented somewhere where members can look and see if they can help contribute to the continuation of this project?


I've answered this question before, somewhere...believe it was over at CraftUO. Anyways, I figured I'd answer it again, but with more updated response.

As you may have noticed. I have finally been able to get some me time, after basically all summer. Due to me moving to a new state, far away. Life has been busy, but things are calming down now. So I've had time to spend on my favorite hobby, UO.

You may of noticed that I've been updating and working on the site. The forum has been running on XF 1.2 since the day before it was announced. Addons have been improved, removed, and new ones added. I was never finished with the site before I started my move (hell, I had barely started on it...I bought Resource Manager while I was driving in the moving truck.)

I'm currently looking into options for building a detailed wiki of sorts for the project. I was highly considering just using MediaWiki and doing it all separate of the forum, and simply bridging accounts. However, I believe that would quickly become too confusing for the users here. I believe things would be best for everything to be contained, and all in one place. So I've been looking into other options.

I'm about to purchase one of the two existing wiki addons for XF. I haven't decided on which one I'm going to buy yet. The more expensive one is in very early beta, but actually appears to be more promising as a real wiki setup. The cheap one has been around a while now, although isn't aimed at being a true wiki. It appears to be geared at being more simple and easy to use for the average joe (which is a great feature too...)

I believe I will look into purchasing the cheaper one for now, as I plan to leave the wiki open to everyone for possible edits (like a real wiki.) I believe everyone will find the cheap one easier to use and help contribute to the wiki for the project. When finished, the wiki will contain info such as specific changes/differences in it over RunUO. Among details on various systems made specifically for ServUO. Eventually the wiki should be a great source of info for developers and average users just wanting to run a small private shard.

With all of this said. ServUO currently is an older revision of the RunUO svn (I'm currently in the process of merging in all of the missing changes, so we'll be back up to date with them.) I also merged in a lot of the content from OrbUO before it died. Although with many fixes here and there, so none of the bugs (especially some of the nasty ones) from OrbUO are found in ServUO. Only major system missing is Imbuing.

Also on a side note, expect one neat/awesome addition to the forum here soon. I'm trying to build a true open community for everyone here that is a fan of UO, so I figured...why not let them have their own micro communities. ;)