Hello all,

I was hoping some one could help me get pointed in the right direction.
I am mulling over a couple of scripts (or maybe 3rd party addons) that would require the use of the map files from UO.

Basically I would like to get an idea of how to retrieve the map file and display it as a small map or gump. Think something along the lines of The Region Editor, or UOMap or something similar.

Can any one here give me an example or point me in the direction of some code that does this already?

I'm assuming you want to do this in C#? You didn't specify. My suggestion would be to check out the OpenUO source. As it not only comes with the OpenUO sdk that supports both the mul and uop file types for maps...but the entire source also comes with example apps. So you can get an idea of how the sdk is used. OpenUO also provides a couple of built in factories, to suit your needs.
@Insanity Yes indeed C# is my language of choice.
I have downloaded the OpenUO from Github fsprod/OpenUO And I am looking at it now, it appears to have one example that opens a tile data file.
Any way thank you for that, I will keep looking and see what I can come up with.
You might also check out the source code for Dougan Ironfists "Map Extractor" as well as the source code for "UOFiddler", both also utilize the map files and might help.
@m309 do you know where I can find the source for the map extractor? All I am finding are precompiled exes.

EDIT: never mind, found it on google code!
I have a question here: All these different programs that can view the maps....why are they all different? Yes, I know it's how the program renders the maps and the programmer's particular tastes come in to account as well, but I love the map definition that Dougan's Region Editor provides, just wish it showed statics and you were able to zoom in on the map more.

Goat, did the map extractor you found provide statics and was it zoomable?
@tass23 not 100% sure, think it was just the latest version of Dougan Ironfist's map extractor. However I have not had nay time to try and get a project set up and build the darn thing.

This is kind of what I am thinking about is a map viewer that does several things such as showing the statics, allowing me to teleport my player any where at a click, modifying spawners and regions.

First step is figuring out just htf to get the map to pull up and be displayed.
I think picking apart UOCartographer might be a good way to go. Those maps have awesome detail and they show statics as well.