I am running ServUO on my local computer and it starts up fine: Windows 7 x64.
But when I try to move the server over to Windows server 2008 R2 i get the following errors and the server refuses to start, any ideas?

iI have even tried recompiling the core on the server machine with no luck.
Do you have .NET Framework 4.5 ?

I know Windows Server 2012 has it by default, but I am not sure about Windows Server 2008.

Give it a try :)
Boy if I don't feel silly now.
You sir are correct, Installed .NET 4.5 and things are golden!

Thank you so much.
Yeah, that is a framework issue. I also hate to give you bad news, but I don't believe that version of Windows Server supports .net
I am looking into other options though, in order to support ServUO on older OS' that don't support .net 4.5. I'd really hate to drop support for 4.5, as we do use at least one feature that is specific to 4.5. I haven't had time to test, but I'm hoping that the newest Mono will run on these OS' with no .net 4.5 support (no promises.)

The major issue is because 4.5 wasn't a new framework, but an in-place upgrade. Meaning it replaces existing binaries from the previous version. The only reason Microsoft won't support other OS' is because the kernel for these old operating systems don't support some of the new stuff in .net 4.5.
. . . Server 2008 R2 supports .NET, it love's the .NET! :D

Any way I would love to hear more about these new features that ServUO offers, can you point me in the right direction?
It supports .net...I just don't believe it supports .net 4.5

The features I spoke about above are strictly .net 4.5 features. It's basically a mod to the prop gump/system, currently only being used by the resource rewrite Dougan was developing. It's not in use yet at the moment though.

I would recommend you familiarize yourself with the CustomsFramework though. It's currently used by 3 custom systems in ServUO, and more here soon.
I think server 2003 may not support .net 4.5 but 2008 definitely does, at least in my experience.

Where is this CustomsFrameWork live? I would like to take a look at this for sure.
Then if you install .net 4.5 on your version of windows, it will fix the errors you're getting.

CustomsFramework lives in the Server side of the emulator. It basically consists of 4 new base classes. So atm, it's mostly just a serialization framework. Allowing you to serialize your own new data and link it to mobiles/items without editing serialization on those items/mobiles. There is also some classes that let you serialize data without linking it to anything in-game. Which is great for a major system/service.

Examples of it being used. The Toolbar system that Joeku wrote years ago, I re-wrote the whole thing to use the CustomsFramework. Dougan also has made a couple of custom systems (that are in the Customs folder) that also use the framework. Dougan's custom systems also take advantage of the new Gump framework improvements, that you may be interested in.

In the end, I hope to tie Cores/Services from the CustomsFramework into ShardControl very closely. Making it easy to setup all custom systems from a central place.
Sorry, didn't mean to argue about .NET ;) Already installed and fixed the issue.

I will start looking into the CustomFramework, thanks.