Having a issue with my server.. my area lost internet when it came back up. i restarted the pc and then started the server,it started up with no issue but no one can log in and the ip and everything is right..not sure what would cause this
Few things you can check, be sure your firewall for the computer is off
Check to be sure the port is open http://canyouseeme.org/
If your behind a router, log in to the router panel online, check to be sure it still
contains your added port
Also check the time/date on the computer just to be sure it is correct
If you can spare $20 a month and are familiar with Linux, BudgetVm is a good host with very nice equipment for the price without lag, however stay away from Asciidigital. That's a one man operation and he will rip you off, won't answer you, god forbid if you forget your password because he emails you on his site... now how do you check it if you don't know your password? I could go further on, but don't want to complain, however Codero is a pretty damn good company is well. But if you're on a budget and want a lot of power and are familiar with linux, BudgetVm has been great in the past. I'm not advertising, just trying to help out.
I would highly recommend http://www.serverpronto.com/

They offer amazing deals at great prices. Their support isn't top notch though, so I would recommend you know what you're doing or at least know someone that does.

Now back to the original topic, if you haven't figured it out yet. Sounds like the server you host your shard on has had it's internal IP changed. Meaning you'll need to go back into your router and fix the forwarded ports to point to the new internal IP. You should be setting up a static IP for this specific server in your router. If not, the internal address to it could change every time the server/router restarts.