I would love to see this on Pub 57 as well, as for the smooth movement I don't believe it's working on 57 but I use ClassicUO and they have an option to enable smooth movement which does work.
Thanks for the heads up, I was totally oblivious to this fact! amazing, thanks.

For my knowledge, if the client handles it properly, what would it benefit to have the server handle it if the smooth movement mechanic is purely visual and not purposeful for the server?
Hiya mates !

Cool to see this topic has still updates a decade later :)

I haven't tried myself ClassicUO client and/or launcher. This is a nice workaround you have found there, @Iomega0318
However, when I take the latest OSI client (, start it with UO Razor and setup an empty ServUO Pub 57.2 shard, well boats and galleons sail with smooth movement.

Have any of you guys tried without ClassicUO ?

The only difference I see with my version here above is they don't have British Galleon, but they finished cannons and boat fight very properly.

Let me know if I can help in any way, I'd be happy to contribute.