Shardcore UO


Hey everyone. A friend and I recently decided to open our own shard. We don't have much in the way of bells and whistle ls, we downloaded a copy of Servuos latest and booted it up. Just plain old UO.

After some discussion we decided to go public. We aren't trying to be the best shard out there, but welcome anyone who wants to come and play with us.

Discord: Join the Shardcore UO Discord Server!

To play you'll need a copy of UOs latest client. port 2593


Shard Update
Today we rolled out Sovereign Coins. These coins are purchasable at any banker, granting the currency required to shop in the UO Store.

What's to come
In our next update, Sovereign Coins will be added to high end T-Maps/MIBs, as well as select bosses as a potential loot reward.

Latest News
I'd like to congratulate one of our players, Yuki, for hitting a few milestones on our shard.
* The first to complete a champion spawn (solo, to boot)
* The first to place a house

In Closing
We'd love to see some new faces, if you have any questions about our shard please feel free to ask. Thank you for your time!