As i continue to re-spawn all these dungeons and try to make new quest via Xml I'm curious about a few things. I really wanted to create a server in which it is difficult to progress but not impossible. Where a character would really have to want something to go get it. Or grab a couple friends to try and find an item or fight a boss. All the while not making it too difficult that someone couldn't find places in the world where they could solo quest/kill etc. And i wanted there to be a reason, at least one, that a person goes in to a dungeon. With this come some struggles, so my question is, how does everyone else keep things new? Or bring attention to older dungeons that may have been forgotten. Id like to hear some other shard owners experience in this struggle.
What we created for one of our advance dungeons was to create rooms threw this huge empty dungeon area. Each room had a mob which would drop a key (could not steal it) the key would only work one time to unlock the door to leave and advance to the next room. Some rooms had medium type mobs while others had some much tougher boss mobs.
This would be what we used for it and it did work great!
When ever a mob spawned from this spawner it would add a key to the pack.
Guard Spawner
Thats pretty cool. What did you do to get people to go in other dungeons?


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We had a pretty large gateroom so a gate was also there for this special dungeon, but the players area always ready to check out new areas, especially once they have done repeats so many times.
Do people prefer gate rooms to dungeons and important sites? Personally i dont really like them i like finding the dungeons but its not about me to be honest.
I'm sure others will join in, but keep in mind it would be your server and your idea's, so you should set it up how you would like to see this done. No doubt you will get player's who will want to change the server to suit them and of course you can be open to idea's, some you might like while other's you might be against. :)
I agree with Milva, It will be your server. It's all up to what you desire for your server, is it gonna be PVP, or family friendly, role playing or all of it rolled into one? That is the beauty of what we have here, it is all up to your imagination and what time you are willing to give to your shard. Don't get me wrong though, ideas do help a lot to get the creative juices flowing and then you take from them and do as you wish with them. Do you have help or are you going solo? and since you are the owner if you do have help are you willing to let your staff have say in the way some things are done? Me personally I had trouble letting others help with my shard because I had a vision in my head that I needed to see out. The gates are a good idea for certain areas I think, but for wondering and searching a server by a new player it is in my opinion not a good idea. Since any place that you wish for your players to find they do have marking ability, set gates take from that aspect of the game. As I said though these are my thoughts on it, it is still your server do as you wish. My only thing is think your options out carefully before implementing them on your server, it is hard on players to be told one thing then a few weeks later it all changes. Have fun with your Ideas and server and good luck.
Here's an idea, something that I used to do when I ran a public shard back in the day. Since I find it hard to trust people (can't help it, sorry) I always put down some strict rules and guidelines. I didn't want Bob going in and spawning some part of a map that I may of had plans for. Didn't want Joe to go in and decorate Luna in a way that he thought looked well.

However, I DID want to give my staff members some freedom. Most people create their best work when they're not being directed by anyone. So...any time I hired a new staff member. I would create an entire map clone of a map of their choice, and name it what they wanted. This would give them an entire map to do their work on. If I liked what they did, it was rather easy to change the map on items/mobiles in a set area. This also made it possible to have multiple green acres, meaning you could setup more event areas and what not worry about cramped spaces.

As for the rest of the shard, and what you think you should do with it. You'll need to ask your player base those questions. Sure you're making your shard in your vision, how ever you won't be the one playing it like they will. You'll want to make your players happy if you wish to keep them around. Although...players aren't always right, so take things with a grain of salt. Some players will be assholes and hate everything, some will ask for the impossible, and some will be happy with a box of rocks.
I have found that the Grove download has a lot to offer, But, I still want my way. New maps are hard because of the Residual artifacts left over from OSI. I have maps that only need the trees and such added to work right for me. but then OSI gets in. Trees and invisible Walls, Signs and decor. If I had knowledge to make XML files or a program that will place what I place into XML That would be great, but a truly Empty map Server package would be great. But would like to keep all the Special stuff in the Grove files. Just let me place them.