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I have searched high and low and seen a view threads about this, however I have not seen anything definitive.

Can someone explain the steps needed to be taken to get an item to be spawned as a stealable item using the xmlspawner?

I gather that it needs to be locked down and set as stealable however I am not sure exactly where to set these flags.

That being said, I feel pretty good I was able to create a couple quests that work so things are making more sense!

Thanks in advance.


On an xml spawner you add movable false and STEALABLE true. (the caps seem to matter?)


Here is a pic of the setting. Press the button to open the book, and add the properties.


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You know what is funny, I was wondering what that book was for. LOL

Thank you sir! You have helped again!!!


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Ok so I got it to work on one item last night. Now today playing around with it and it isn't saving the code in the book. However I just figured it out. You need to delete the current text in the book and re-add the "stealableitemname"/Movable/False/STEALABLE/True. You can't just add the /Movable/False/STEALABLE/True.

Hopefully this helps someone out in the future.

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One additional question is there a command to turn on or off all spawners with a partial name?


I have several stealable spawners

I know there is a code for champspawns (below) so I am guessing there is one for the xmlspawners as well.

[global set active true where championspawn

was trying something like

[XmlSet Running True Where 2020Stealable
However doesn't work.
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I am not sure about a command like that (probably is one), but you could save all your stealables into on xml file then use the load/unload command to start & stop them (place & remove really, but same effect). I did that for my holiday quests. I can load/unload any holiday easily.

To make an xml file use the [xmlfind command, then search by name, or partial name. In this case 'stealable'. Check the ones you want to group together, and in the save box type something like 'stealables.xml', and save. Then you use [xmlload stealalbes.xml and [xmlunload stealables.xml

The default location of the xml file will be your root ServUO folder. I use the xml files for all my quests. Makes setup a breeze.

save xml.JPG