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Stumbled upon a good site for graphics and sprites. There are quite a few mobiles that have the actions and directions used by UO.
If you're interested in a few more mobs or scenery go to this link HERE. But there's a lot of hit and miss.
Two of the contributors I've been following PVGanes and engvee have resources right up our alley.

Just wanting to drum up a little more business for these contributors so they keep producing good work.

I'll be uploading the fox when I eventually have it converted for UO (as it's a free resource). Never liked the Kitsune.

If anyone is interested in other sprite links, I can share them too.
Just figured it would be useful to have some other resources to look into.


Thank you for sharing these Thagoras, these are pretty nice, perhaps we should create a compiled list of websites/artists that offer these kind of sprites and artwork on ServUO, so the community can have a open library of free Assets or paid Assets to choose from.