I understand that Insanity is only one person so i have decided to help the ServUO community and start implementing some fixes along with imbuing ext...

I forked the Repo so i could work on it. Insanity if you want to take a look heres a link

Work In Progress - HERE
Awesome, this is one of the big reasons we went with git/github to manage the project. Anyone can contribute to the project, and very easily if they do what you're doing. Github allows you to easily submit a pull request to a project that you have forked. What this means, is that a ServUO dev team member or myself will be notified about the pull request.

All pull requests are evaluated before we decide to accept the pull request or not. So it is recommended that you submit pull requests with specific changes, and small if possible. You can submit a pull request that spans a couple of commits on your end, this is fine. All code should follow the ServUO standards. You should also comment specific changes on GITHUB, not with code comments. If the changes are specific and not 100+ bug fixes, changes all in one pull request. Then we'll be able to evaluate and approve/deny the requests that much faster.

So with this in mind, please feel free to submit a pull request. Help on small bugs/issues like you've done is appreciated. Especially with this busy time of the year. When a pull request is approved, the changes are merged into the official ServUO repo...benefiting everyone. So it is completely possible for ANYONE to contribute to the ServUO project, and that is what will help keep it alive for a very long time. It honestly is a community project, as I've said from day one. =P

PS: Don't submit a pull request just yet, evaluate your changes first. Make sure they aren't just "hacks" but fixes. Example: Commenting out code without providing a comment along with it isn't a good idea. Proper way would...(if you needed to remove a line of code) be to remove it entirely, and explain why in your commit message for the commit that contains the change. (Commit messages should be well detailed, and should look similar to how they appear on the official repo.)
Thanks for the clarity on this. I did a fork a while back and have been doing bug fixes. I kept meaning to ask if its better for me to send them all at once or in small doses. I sent one or two to Voxpire but I know he is really busy.

Wasn't sure if you wanted to get them all as a lump to do a publish.

Would be nice if there is a way to see who is working on what so we are not duplicating effort.