One of the biggest problems I ran into with the old ATS was balance.

I am currently writing a global caps for all pet stats that will be shared across all the new systems, Leveling, breeding, bio, etc.

Any suggestions on what those caps should be?

public class GlobalCaps
public static readonly int STR_GlobalCap = 900;
public static readonly int DEX_GlobalCap = 200;
public static readonly int INT_GlobalCap = 150;
public static readonly int HITS_GlobalCap = 1800;
public static readonly int STAM_GlobalCap = 400;
public static readonly int MANA_GlobalCap = 300;
public static readonly int PhyResist_GlobalCap = 70;
public static readonly int ColResist_GlobalCap = 70;
public static readonly int FirResist_GlobalCap = 70;
public static readonly int PoiResist_GlobalCap = 70;
public static readonly int EnrResist_GlobalCap = 70;
public static readonly int MinDamage_GlobalCap = 1;
public static readonly int MaxDamage_GlobalCap = 2;

Disreguard the min max damages they are not set yet but this is what i have so far.
This is really going to be determined by each shard that uses the system. When we first utilized your old system, players were leveling pets so fast, they were at max stats before they even hit level 30 and by the time they were level 30, they could solo Baracoon with a little healing. If it was a Cu that was being used, no healing required and the players could pretty much AFK the entire champ, including the boss. My suggestion would be, instead of setting hard caps for things, maybe allow the caps to only be +5 over what their norm is, if even that in terms of resists. I'd further suggest that a pet's main stats (str, dex, int), should never be able to go beyond that of a Peerless boss. That would be a bit more involved to determine, especially if a shard uses a lot of custom monsters. To make the system a bit more flexible, perhaps using a range as soft caps (so when the pet is tamed, the hard cap falls within a soft cap range like str 700-900). This would make breeding even more useful. You might consider adding a notation somewhere, perhaps in the install notes that caps should be adjusted for the shard the system is being used on and then fully explain what stats should be changed and where they are.
Well pet leveling has a whole new formula and by default now a pet can only become 15% strong than its starting stats and this formula scales with the max level defined by the end user. (You guys) So say me. I like lets to max level at level 30. but say Tass you want your server to maxlevel at level 1000. The new system scales. and still will only give the pet a end bonus of 15% above its spawned stats no matter how many levels it has to level... Balance is bliss :)

RoninGT[DOUBLEPOST=1379780878][/DOUBLEPOST]P.S. Global caps however are in play just for a fail safe. Just in case you want all pets to stop a limit... This will include breeding, and bios
I don't see how those players could afk with champs(especially champs as the tokuno when your pet is being poisoned with so many mobs) and not have their pets die :) I leveled up 2 nightmares to level 45 ( with breeding and failures etc. this took a longgg time even with taking them against bone demons.
One thing I did learn was, there is a spell which a player can cast on their pet and when they do it this will double their resists which holds on the pet. Right now I can't think of which spell it was (magic spell though) One player I caught doing this and watched him, he took the pet to his other char which had magery, had that char cast a spell on the pet then he took it and maxed it in no time.
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With a Cu Sidhe hun, they heal need for a player to do anything other than cast invis on themselves and watch their pet do all the work. Believe me, when a pet has a HUGE amount of Dex, they can bandie all day long without any delay.

Okay's the $64,000 question....for people that have your OLD system.....will the new one be able to simply take it's place (without wiping pets, etc)? Heh
That is the question... and a question I don't have an answer for :( Considering I dont even have my old system running.

In theory you could yes. My new leveling does not even require a BaseCreature edit. So pets would not wipe.

ShrinkItem.cs will not convert over it. Its completely redone. Does anyone have a ServUO copy of my old system. I might be able to work some sort of patch out before I let this go live.

Ronin, I love that its locked into a specific percentage over base for the pets. One of the things I never liked was that you could level a chicken and have it be as strong as a nightmare. Silly. A percentage is a much better way of doing that and I love that it will scale. Will the end user be able to set the percentage easily?
Yes the end user will be able to adjust MaxLevel, Double EXP weekends, and ending EXP needed, On the fly without a restart in game.[DOUBLEPOST=1379786245][/DOUBLEPOST]Only thing that you will have to hand edit is the 15% bonus to leveling. Its hard coded in however that might change as i go along.
About the best I can offer you bud is your old system "in action" as it were, but you already know I've modified it a bit. :|
Attach the class that holds all of your caps to a core, while also adding the attributes to make it possible for the properties to be viewed in game. Then you can simply throw the core at the props gump. This would allow you to alter the cap levels in-game, no restart needed. And no source needs to be edited on the end user. You trigger viewing the props gump for the core via a command or an existing gump. Just use the core as an argument when sending a props gump to a player.
Something to consider as well dude is Discordance being used on pets. Now, even I as a player have used this to train up a pet and I don't find anything wrong with it, however, the old FS system didn't take this in to account when the discord wore off. So perhaps a check to see if the pet is discorded when applying ability points and/or also once the discord wears off to make sure the stats can't go beyond those caps, if they are, set them back down to whatever the cap(s) are.