Time System - A fully customizable date and time system that keeps track of it's own time or use real time.

Time System [2.0]
This is Morextons time system, Liacs just updated it to RUNUO 2.0. Liacs already put it on the original thread, but Liacs was told to post a new thread here so that more people become aware of it. Thanks DeRuijter :)

Morexton said:
This is what already happened:
Morexton said:
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I always liked this system, because it gave every player a better sense of time. Which was easier than saying "event will be at 9pm central time." As players are from all over and rarely in the same time zone. Plus other systems can utilize the time system, which keeps everything on the same track too.

The only thing I'd like to see updated/change for this system. Is to ditch the way it currently serializes it's data. Would be more efficient if it utilized it's own custom core from the CustomsFramework. Thanks for the upload.