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Congrats to ServUO for breaking 1,000 members!!!
Please join me in welcoming Lokai to the ServUO development team!

As many of you know, Lokai has been a part of the UO emulation community for many years, and has contributed countless hours of his time assisting all levels of programmers from novice to experienced as well as releasing amazing and "game changing" (pun intended) custom systems such as the Custom Abilities and Health systems to name just a couple.

Welcome Lokai!
Today I am announcing my latest project Shard.Watch. It is currently under construction and am only announcing it now to get some feedback from you guys.

What is it?

Shard.watch is an online tool that will allow you to administrate your shard from outside of the shard itself. It will have multiple features to accomplish this which I will list below.
You will be able to use these tools and features from your web browser and mobile device.

  • Remote paging system. You will be able to read and reply to game pages from any web browser!
  • Remote administration. You will be able to submit some basic commands to the server such as save, restart and shut down. There will be more commands but I need you guys to let me know what exactly you want here.
  • Live player stats. You will be able to see all players that are currently online in the shard and issue commands to them I.E send them a message or ban hem and / or their IP.
  • Historical player data. Here you will be given plenty of data that will help you judge how your server is doing. You will be able to see how your player count has increased / decreased over time and other statistics

Those are the main features. If you guys can come up with some more I will do my best to implement them.

The reason I am posting so early in development is I really need you guys to let me know what you want from this. So don't be shy with your suggestions.

If you have any questions then fire away here.

Here is a little sneak peak at the tickets window (this is a mock up)

And mobile view
Hey guys,

Over the past few months ServUO has stagnated as far as the project itself is concerned but the community itself has actually kept itself going even though there was a lack of any development which is great and shows that this project deserves a kick start!

With that said I am going to announce a few things here.

First off. I just moved the website to a brand new server that is blazing fast! (At least it is for me, you guys can let me know if you notice any issues.) Now, with that there is a problem that I had to change the DNS for the domain name which over the next few days will cause problems for a few people until the DNS has propagated on their end. This can show itself in a few ways, the most problematic being SUPER slow page loads if you are viewing from the old server. If this is happening to you then you can either wait for the new DNS to reach your ISP or you can edit your hosts. You can do that by following these instructions

  1. go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
  2. open the hosts file in your favorite text editor
  3. Place the following lines at the bottom of the file
Code (C#):
  1. servuo.com
  2. www.servuo.com
N.B. you may need to open the file as an administrator.
This will force you to the new server. After a few days it will be safe to remove this line from your hosts file as the DNS will be properly propagated.

Now onto the ServUO project itself. While Insanity is getting some things sorted out personally he has asked me to take the reigns and try get the project back on track. I have a few ideas on how we can do that and you should start to see new features pop up here in the next few months and new commits to the repo.

The big thing I will be adding in the next few months is a shard listing service. Some of you out there might know of my project Shard.List. I plan on moving that here to ServUO and integrating it into the XenForo software. I am really excited about this and cannot wait...
Everyone should welcome Tass23 to the ServUO team. Him and I have been in cahoots for a couple of weeks talking about ServUO as well trying to figure out what to do about our dev team as well as how JoinUO fits into all of this.

I want to first state that JoinUO is not replacing ServUO. Currently their emulator is a ahead of ours, I recommend you go check it out and see what its all about. We want ServUO to continue on, and Tass23 will be joining the team to help revive development and this community as a whole. He has been talking to some people about developing, and I am super excited to say that development might be picking back up.

Say welcome, and look forward to cool things.
Praxiiz submitted a new resource:

UO Compendium - Build informational gumps in game and display them. Uses a gump studio like interface.

Read more about this resource...
As many of you may of noticed, I wasn't around the past couple of months. I wasn't even able to check up on the site with my phone. I had a nasty atv accident, but have since healed. While I was unable to use a keyboard or my phone, my GF did her best to keep the hosting bill paid in my absence. Many of you noticed we had almost a full day of downtime, due to donations slowing down too much to not cover the hosting bill.

I've been doing much better the past couple of weeks, and I'm ready to get back to the hobby I've been kept away from. I've been brainstorming and planning some updates for the site, project, and more in my time away.

The first big plan and update that I'll be doing will be moving the site over to a new host. I've decided that due to donations slowing down, and the current hosting prices being so high...that it would be wise to move the site over to a nice cheap vps.

I've already purchased a nice vps to put the site on. The vps will be home to more than just the web site. As I have some big plans for the site and ServUO project. I hope to get the web site moved within the next week.

When I start the move, I will announce so in advanced on the web site. When the move begins, the site will be locked in order to prevent any lost content posted in the down-time. Users will be able to keep updated on things while the site is down via IRC, or...TeamSpeak!


Yes, you read that correctly. ServUO now has it's own TeamSpeak server! The server is hosted on the new VPS, and is currently online. Anyone can connect to the TS server with the address below.

*Note: The address to the TS server will be updated once the site is moved and dns is setup properly. Although this link should always work as it's a direct IP address link.


I hope to see people on TeamSpeak, as we plan to make it a key meeting place for ServUO staff and developers. So it will be the...
Ultima Online API BBC Tags

« »

[uogump=5504,85,initial,initial,Alternative Text][/uogump]


[uoitem=7939,85,initial,initial,Alternative Text][/uoitem]


[uomulti=100,85,initial,initial,Alternative Text][/uomulti]

There has been an issue with registration for awhile, these issues appear to be resolved now, if you have any issues please let me know in the IRC. If I do not respond right away, I still get the message eventually. Thanks!
So you may be wondering after my longwinded thing about being more transparent about our release schedule and all that jazz is going on. Well i'm sorry to say that our first release has hit a snag, I'm wrapping up Bard Masteries and it took me longer than expected, and my primary player tester has decided to poof on me for awhile.

That being said we are still working on bugs and features that we were hoping to have done in publish 55 but we will probably end up releasing publish 55 and moving the remaining work into 56 sooner rather than later. We apologize for the delay in getting this information across, and hope that you will forgive us!