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Today the ServUO Developers would like to announce a new publish model. We have just been winging it for a long while. However, starting with this upcoming publish, we will start to follow a set release schedule. We hope that with this we will be far more predictable in what is getting released and when.

My wife put together this beautiful info graphic for us. Check it out and I will explain it below.

Let's start with the Publish. This part of the process should start at the end of the month when we make this next small publish. After we release a publish, we will then start planning the next publish. This process will span about 14 days, and will involve gathering data from the community on what they would like to see done, as well as making sure any flagged bugs from the last cycle get put in there to be fixed.

Once the next publish is defined, we will announce to the community what we will be working on, and what to expect in the next publish. After this has been announced work will begin on the features and big bugs. This process is currently planned to take approximately 28 days, or 4 weeks.

At the end of this big work phase we will take 14 days to go through whats left of the bug fixes on the forums, fix the simple ones and move the harder ones into a future publish. Once we have finished this we should be able to release the publish, with zero bugs in the report section.

This 8 week cycle then will repeat with the next publish. Our primary goal is to, once again, create a predictable and easy to understand pattern of work!
I was challenged by Insanity to create an add-on that would make all new threads in our "Bug Reports" forum automatically create Github Issues against ServUO. I have just launched and enabled this new add-on in production. This means that all future bug reports that get made will be created on Github as well so we can get some nice reporting and tracking there.

What does this mean for ServUO long term? Well the biggest thing is that it starts us down a road of better integration with more powerful tools for tracking our bugs. I have recently returned to active duty on the team, and my goal is to get our bug count down to the point where we have at most two bugs per developer.

I hope that with this new tool we can get ServUO closer to being a bug free system. I appreciate all your efforts in this matter and hope that we can accomplish many great things together.
1. The black areas carved out of dungeon map areas have z values? Apply textures to the black areas in wind and reveal cool formations.

2. Even though UO Fiddler may say you have like 65000 something art slots. The end of the file is actually 49150. Even though it shows more. Adding art beyond this will never save. Even if it looks like it is saved.

3. You can't have more than 65 frames in a static animation. Adding anymore than that will throw an out of range error.

4. Todd McFarlane the creator of the comic book SPAWN was hired to design original monsters and regions for the game, as well as help shape the story. It was cancelled in 2001 before its release, citing the competitive nature of the massively multiplayer online gaming market—Electronic Arts feared the sequel would harm Ultima Online's subscription numbers. Some of the monsters and art made for the game were later used in the Ultima Online expansion Lord Blackthorn's Revenge.

5. Clicking a cow in game over & over will tip it over and make it cry out.

6. There are 2 hidden mickeys in the cave below Bucs Den.

7. The item in game known as Iolos Lute is a tribute to the man who composed most of UOs music
Here he is

I was bored.
Sorry everyone, the site ended up being down a lot longer than I planned. Ran into a few annoying issues that took a while to get sorted. Although all is good now.

The site is now officially on cloud hosting. This means the site should load a bit faster for everyone now. Caching is now working, which will also help load speeds big time. There are a few more improvements that I plan on making though that should speed things up even more.

No worries though, the site won't go down as I do my other things. You should be able to use the site/forum all day now. Especially since I won't be able to do the extra stuff to speed stuff up even more till after work.

If you have any issues with the site at all, just let me know. Also if the site appears to be loaded better/faster, you should also let me know that too. =P

Again, I apologize big time for the site being down so long. Thanks for sticking with us.
I wanted to announce this at least an hour in advanced, so everyone is prepared for the down time and doesn't think something is actually wrong with the web site.

Today I will be purchasing some new web hosting for ServUO. The current share hosting service just isn't enough anymore, as the site has out grown it. In order to make sure the site stays fast and responsive, I'd either have to upgrade to VPS/Dedicated/Cloud.

So in order to not worry about having to upgrade the next web service shortly down the road. So I've decided to go with a scalable cloud hosting setup. So that I can always scale up memory, storage, ect as needed.

So what does this mean for you? Not a whole lot, unless you're of course trying to access the web site in the middle of the move. In which case you'll get some kind of server error. Although this also means that the response and load times here at the site should she a noticeable improvement.

This also means that web hosting is going to start costing more. To purchase cloud hosting for ServUO, I will be using the donations ServUO has received, plus some money out of my own pocket. As I plan to purchase multiple months of hosting at once. So I'm hoping people still remain to donate to ServUO to help pay the bills around here (I have plans to make donating easier and more lucrative for donors too.)

I would also like to thank the community for making ServUO what it is. The project and site has been very open to the community since day one, although it appears that the site is actually getting pretty popular now. Which was possible because of the community here and word of mouth. I myself never once advertised ServUO. Infact I myself only mentioned ServUO on the CraftUO web site maybe twice.

I'd also like to thank everyone that has donated to ServUO, as without you guys ServUO would still be on crappy hosting and PhpBB. I've still put a lot of my own money into ServUO over the past year, but there's no way I could of managed to do all...
I've been hard at work on the forums lately. Fixing things, tweaking things, and improving things. Figured I'd give everyone a quick run down of the recent changes.

New Forum Jump List
  • If you mouse over the Forums' link on the navigation tab. You'll now be presented with a list of available forums instead of the old list. All of the old links are available in the sub-navigation menu on the forums page.
Quote This
  • You now have the ability to quote specific text from posts on any thread. All you have to do is highlight some text in a post. Once highlighted, a popup will appear that says "Quote This." When you click the button, the quote is stored in your cookies for a certain amount of time.
  • You are allowed to select multiple quotes.
  • To add a quote to a post you will find a link under the reply box when you have a quote stored. When you click the link, all of your stored quotes will be inserted into your reply box.
  • This allows you to quote just parts of a post rather easily, and is recommended over quoting an entire post if you have a specific reply.
New Moods
  • I've removed all of the old moods from the forum and replaced them with new ones. 242 of them to be exact. Meaning there is a mood for anything. Some moods are adult rated, and are meant to be humorous. If you can't handle it, you can place people on your ignore list.
Holiday Spirit
  • I've replaced the postbit and user/avatar areas on the forum with a more holiday theme. It is temporary and will be removed after the season is over.
  • I've added Identicon support. This will give people a unique avatar if they haven't set one up for their account.

I've also done some minor edits to the templates on the forum, such as the new grid layout on the main forum page for specific sub forums. Made is so threads linked to archive entries are displayed on the resource's...
Now that things have settled down for me at my new place and my new job. I'm finding more time to spend on my hobbies. Meaning I'm able to spend my free time working on ServUO again. So...I'll be picking up where I left off before the madness.

As many of you may already know, a while back I started taking in donations for a Wiki here on ServUO. The goal was met a while back, I've just been too busy to do anything about it.

Now sure...I could use one of the many free wiki solutions out there for the ServUO project. Although my idea is to purchase a paid Wiki addon for XenForo. This would allow a more streamlined wiki setup here on ServUO. Not only would the Wiki be part of the existing site/setup, it would also allow existing ServUO members to contribute to the wiki. All without having to maintain two accounts on different sites.

The addon will offer even more features and a more tighter integration than I can briefly describe here. So I believe everyone will be surprised and pleased with the upcoming wiki setup.

The Wiki will be open to public edits by anyone that is a member here on ServUO. Although all edits will require moderator approval before edits become viewable to the public. Meaning I'll be on the lookout for active, level headed people that could make a good moderator.

The wiki will feature a ton of info about the ServUO emulator. It won't be your average wiki either. It will detail how to do simple changes, basic how-to's, tutorials, and even well detailed info on existing base classes/systems/items that make ServUO what it is. It will be targeted at the average joe, not the average developer.

I'll be purchasing the Wiki addon today and begin installing and setting things up over the next week or so. So don't expect to start seeing the Wiki right away.

Also, anyone that contributes enough to the wiki once it's public...could end up becoming a ServUO team member (even if you know little to no C#, so don't be discouraged from helping...
Well guys, sorry for being MIA for so freaking long. But good news! I'm now moved into town, have real internet (50mb and loving it,) and I was recently promoted at work. Meaning I'll be able to start spending more time on the site and project in the next couple of weeks when I get my steady schedule.

However...I had the day off today and had some spare time to work on things. I've actually updated XenForo it's self to the newest version, among various addons. Although the fix that most of you guys will like is that the Archive is back online!

Now...there is a downside to this. I wasn't able to rescue the database for the old archive, due to a faulty upgrade botching the old database. Plus during my move, I had multiple hardware failures on my desktop. Causing me to loose backups of the database.

The Archive is online and working, although I'm still in the process of adding back all the missing categories. The ServUO ones are there and ready to be used. So everyone that has previously added a resource to the archive, may add them back again. Upon adding an OLD resource back, you should send me a message here on the forum so that I can link the newly posted resource to the old resource thread.

Newly posted resources can be posted as they were before, without any issues now as things have been fixed. Also as I mentioned once before. You can post resources NOT made by you, and have a moderator re-assign the resource to the original author of said resource (assuming they have an account on here.)

Few new things about the resource manager. You can provide additional details on resources when creating a resource. Such as requirements, license, ect. More optional details will be added to specific categories as I continue to finish things up. You may also now, and SHOULD include a resource image. These are images that are used to display your resource on the site here. If your resource does NOT have a resource image provided, it will never make the new...
I reinstalled the resources manager the other day, it should be usable again, but currently waiting on Insanity to send me a backup of the database so all the currently unlinked posts in the releases forum can be fixed.

If you want to re-submit a resource, please feel free, just remove your current post before you do or tell me to remove if if you have issues doing so.

When/if I can restore the database entries and re-link the posts, I will be doing them one by one, so whatever is in the forum at the time of the restore will be restored, if you delete a post it will not be restored.

Thanks :)
These are some of the last few updates I'll be doing to the forum (other than minor graphical changes later on) for a while. Although they are updates that I believe will help polish off the forum and make it easier to use now. So below are list of some of the newer features I've added, and some old ones that I've never mentioned till now.

Double Click Message To Edit
  • This works in any thread, as long as you have access to edit a thread. Then you may edit it by double clicking the message anywhere. This is really useful for those of you that happen to create really long posts and find yourself always going back to edit it (sucks scrolling all the way for the edit button.)
Double Click Node Icon To Mark As Read
  • This works for any node icon. Although the node must have some unread messages in it for it to work as expected. To do it, all you do is double click a node icon (like you would when you target something in UO) and it'll mark the node and all messages in it as read. Without having to open the node it's self.
Best Answer
  • This is one of my favorites, and I believe it'll help with support threads a ton. This works in all the support forums, and only the support forums. It's very simple too. Anyone viewing a thread may mark a post as the Best Answer. You do this by using the link next to the Report link for every message. You should only do this if you believe the post is a good answer to the original post.
  • Once a post gains at least two votes as the Best Answer, it will be marked as so and displayed directly under the first post in the thread (it will also be highlighted a different color and labeled as the best post.
  • If more than one post in a thread gets more than two votes, then the post with the most votes is marked as the best answer.
  • Users that have their post marked as the Best Answer will have it recorded to their account. You may see how many Best Answer posts...