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An easy way to create a "Dynamic Mining System" 1.2

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Uo is not geologicaly RP, as at the same point a GM-mining player can found gold, when a beginner just found iron.
Mining was just so boring, I decided to make mines spots of specific ressources, forcing miners to travel the world to find good places, instead of always digging the same tiles...
And planed to place better spots far deep in dangerous dongeons ^^

Mining system is always the same single static instance, everytime, everywhere. Let's have multiple instances of a DynamicMiningSystem which contains differents HarvestDefinitions...


1)Place DynamicMining folder in your customs scripts folder.

2)Edit your PickAxe.cs (and other Mining harvest tools...)
And replace the HarvestSystem declaration by this one :
public override HarvestSystem HarvestSystem{ get{ return DynamicMining.GetSystem(this); } }


DynamicMining.cs is just a override copy of Mining.cs, but without any HarvestDefinition.

MineSpirit.cs is a mobile (but Hidden && cantmove) you can place on the map.
.props it to set value for the HarvestDefinition it contains (reqskill, min&&max skill, oretype, range)

When using the pickaxe, if in a MineSpirit.Range, you will be able to harvest, according to MineSpirit.HarvestDefinition.
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