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Decorum 2014-11-19

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[Ultima Live]
That script allow you to change your decoration, by hand or by script... And then have multiple definitions of a place's decoration, for events, systems, or what you want...

Just [add decorum
Then doubleclick and follow

Once definitions done, you can display them via the gump, or via [props

In Scripts, you can manage with methods, First, Last, Next, Previous, NextNoLoop, PreviousNoLoop.

You can add items, statics, landtiles...

Some types are listed in a blacklist, such as decorum itself, addoncomponent, spawners... you can add some to avoid problems...

Note that items will be deleted, the system just store their itemID, Hue, Name and of course Map&Location...

/// <summary>
/// Items and StaticTargets are added/deleted by this system, no problem
/// But for LandTiles, only the ID is changed
/// So, if you add a LandTile in a DecorumDefinition, it will becomes black if not contained with a ID in the next displayed DecorumDefinition
/// Make sure ALL DecorumDefinitions of a Decorum define exactly the same pool of LandTiles
/// </summary>
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