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[ULTIMA LIVE] DeepMining 1.6 beta

Diging tunnels to find random ore spots

  1. Gargouille
    This is a new mix between my two previous releases, Tunneling & Dynamic Mining.

    INSTALL and USE:

    - Praxiis 's ULTIMA LIVE is required.

    - Add the three blackmap files into your server's client files directory.
    (you can place several blackmaps, assuming you correctly rename them, map34.mul, map35.mul...)

    - Register your map in Server/Scripts/Misc/MapDefinitions.cs :
    Code (C#):
    1. RegisterMap( 34, 34, 34, 7168, 4096, 1, "MapNoire", MapRules.TrammelRules );

    Register your map for Ultima Live use, in UltimaLive/Core/MapRegistry.cs:
    Code (C#):
    1. AddMapDefinition(34, 34, new Point2D(7168, 4096), new Point2D(5120, 4096));

    - Edit your PickAxe.cs (and other Mining harvest tools...)
    and replace the HarvestSystem declaration by this one :
    Code (C#):
    1. public override HarvestSystem HarvestSystem{ get{ return DeepMine.DeepMining.GetSystem(this); } }
    - Place DeepMining and DynamicGumps folders in your cutom scripts directory.

    - Register your black maps in DeepMining/DeepMineMapRegistry.cs :
    Code (C#):
    1. public static MapRegister[] MapEntries = new MapRegister[]
    2.         {
    3.             new MapRegister(34,10,10)//Map.MapID, number of mines, number of levels
    4.         };
    Here you choose how many mines a map will contain, and how many levels each mine will contain.

    - With the command DEEPGO , you can navigate as a GM between maps, mines and levels.

    - Then use it and manually add teleporters to bring your players from your playables maps to mines entries.

    - Players got to have a HeavyPickAxe to dig tunnels.

    - They will sometimes find holes that bring them deeper in the mine, at next level.

    - With the harvest tools, they only be able to harvest the base type of ore (defined in DeepMineHarvestInfo.cs)

    - Until they stand in a spot range of another ore.

    - With the command SETMINE, when you are in a mine as a GM, you can define which types of ore can be found in that mine (and all mine's levels)

    - Spots are randomly spawned when digging, and oretype they allow is randomly chosen between all defined ore types.

    This is a beta system, I will update it for :

    - monster spawning
    - decay of ore spots (time, or amount of harvested ore)
    - scaled difficulty or rarety related to level deepth
    - deepmine region rules (allow cast, allow item use, lightlevel...)

    But it will still more a canvas than a ready to use system, as every shard owner have its own choice to do...

Recent Updates

  1. You may now sometimes find caverns
  2. Some bugs fixed
  3. RoofCollapsing

Recent Reviews

  1. gametec
    Version: 1.4 beta
    Glad to see you fixed the Indexing! This is awesome!!!
  2. gametec
    Version: 1.2 beta
    This system is a must-have for any true custom server. It allows players to get interactive by literally being able to shape the world in which they live 1 pixel at a time!