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[ULTIMA LIVE] DeepMining 1.6 beta

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This is a new mix between my two previous releases, Tunneling & Dynamic Mining.

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- Praxiis 's ULTIMA LIVE is required.

- Add the three blackmap files into your server's client files directory.
(you can place several blackmaps, assuming you correctly rename them, map34.mul, map35.mul...)

- Register your map in Server/Scripts/Misc/MapDefinitions.cs :
RegisterMap( 34, 34, 34, 7168, 4096, 1, "MapNoire", MapRules.TrammelRules );

Register your map for Ultima Live use, in UltimaLive/Core/MapRegistry.cs:
AddMapDefinition(34, 34, new Point2D(7168, 4096), new Point2D(5120, 4096));

- Edit your PickAxe.cs (and other Mining harvest tools...)
and replace the HarvestSystem declaration by this one :
public override HarvestSystem HarvestSystem{ get{ return DeepMine.DeepMining.GetSystem(this); } }

- Place DeepMining and DynamicGumps folders in your cutom scripts directory.

- Register your black maps in DeepMining/DeepMineMapRegistry.cs :
public static MapRegister[] MapEntries = new MapRegister[]
			new MapRegister(34,10,10)//Map.MapID, number of mines, number of levels
Here you choose how many mines a map will contain, and how many levels each mine will contain.

- With the command DEEPGO , you can navigate as a GM between maps, mines and levels.

- Then use it and manually add teleporters to bring your players from your playables maps to mines entries.

- Players got to have a HeavyPickAxe to dig tunnels.

- They will sometimes find holes that bring them deeper in the mine, at next level.

- With the harvest tools, they only be able to harvest the base type of ore (defined in DeepMineHarvestInfo.cs)

- Until they stand in a spot range of another ore.

- With the command SETMINE, when you are in a mine as a GM, you can define which types of ore can be found in that mine (and all mine's levels)

- Spots are randomly spawned when digging, and oretype they allow is randomly chosen between all defined ore types.

This is a beta system, I will update it for :

- monster spawning
- decay of ore spots (time, or amount of harvested ore)
- scaled difficulty or rarety related to level deepth
- deepmine region rules (allow cast, allow item use, lightlevel...)

But it will still more a canvas than a ready to use system, as every shard owner have its own choice to do...
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