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CSS4Compendium 1.2 BETA

CSS like system for UO-Compendium

  1. Gargouille
    UO-Compendium, VitaNex SuperGumps
    Install :

    Just replace Compendium/PageElements folder by those in Zip file

    Using that CSS-like system :

    First launch .ccss to open a gump in wich you can see and edit :

    - CSS for int values
    - Permalinks for string values
    - HardCoded (you can't edit them here)

    Then, when editing a CompendiumPageGump, you can :

    - enter a CSS where it asks for an int
    - enter a Permalink ( MUST STARTS WITH link= ) where it asks for a string
    - enter a HardCoded (MUST STARTS WITH code= ) where it asks for a string

    (HardCoded are public+static method with no parameters, you can add them in GetCSS.cs in the HardCodedLink class )

    Here's the fields supported :

    - for all BaseCompendiumPageElement : X and Y (CSS)

    -AlphaAreaElement: Width, Height (CSS)
    -BackgroundElement: Width, Height, GumpID (CSS)
    -ButtonElement: Normal/PressedID (CSS) GumpLink (Permalink)
    -HtmlElement : Width,Height,Background,Scrollbar (CSS)
    -HyperLinkElement: GumpLink WebColor (Permalink)
    -ImageElement: Hue, GumpID (CSS)
    -ItemElement: Hue, ItemID (CSS)
    -LabelElement: Hue (CSS) Text (HardCoded)
    -TiledImageElement: Width, Height, GumpID (CSS)

    Still in progress, I will support it ;)
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Recent Updates

  1. Oups, a file was missing on previous release
  2. More features
  3. Fix errors