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Animation Locator + Freeze Frame ver.2

In game tool to test Animations and Animation Frames

  1. zerodowned
    Credits in script
    How To Use:

    - Add AnimationLocator and double-click to open.
    - The target mobile will default to you. Change it you wish.
    - The top text entry is to set the Animation #
    - Increase/Decrease buttons for the lazy
    - Cycle: cycles through animations, until you stop it or it reaches the Max (currently set at 50 but it could honestly be lower)
    - Single: plays just the Animation# currently set
    - Stop Animation: Stops animation, really only useful if you're using cycle. Will also update the gump to reflect the last Animation# played in Cycle.

    Freeze Frame:
    - Enter the Animation# and Frame# then press the button
    - Arrows next to the text entry boxes to increase/decrease the #
    - Update button was added to update the text entries before using the increase/decrease buttons