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-Arya Battle Chess- Publish 54--0.9-- 5/10/2016

battle chess mobile sized

  1. jase giffin
    Arya Battle Chess.

    Thanks to the Efforts of the comunity
    @Ravenwolfe for his personal time

    requirement of replacement of movement.cs
    A second option
    Open Movement.CS and at the top add

    1. using Arya.Chess;

      and second


        1. private bool CanMoveOver(Mobile m, Mobile t)

        1. return (!t.Alive || !m.Alive || t.IsDeadBondedPet || m.IsDeadBondedPet) || (t.Hidden && t.IsStaff()) || m is ChessMobile || t is ChessMobile;

          Add the red into the end there./

          Close and save.
          Now Drop the battle chess into Scripts/Customs

          Enjoy a good game of chess when ya can.

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