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-Arya Battle Chess- Publish 54--0.9-- 5/10/2016

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-Battle Chess-Drag and Drop / Movement cs Replacer.

(Install Option 1.)
First go to scripts/services/pathing.
a. Replace movement.cs with the edited.

b. Ravenwolfe Edit-
In Movement.cs, in the directives, add using Arya.Chess;

Code (csharp):

    • using System;
    • using System.Collections.Generic;
    • using Server.Items;
    • using Server.Mobiles;
    • using Arya.Chess;
Now, in the CanMoveOver method, change it to this
    1. private bool CanMoveOver(Mobile m, Mobile t)
    2. {
    3. return (!t.Alive || !m.Alive || t.IsDeadBondedPet || m.IsDeadBondedPet) || (t.Hidden && t.IsStaff()) || m is ChessMobile || t is ChessMobile;
    4. }

well thats dumb i cant seem to find the code box....

As you can see the last portion of that simply adds chess mobile.

thanks to

@ravenwolfe and @kalamus
for the interesting discussion on how this would best work
and all the support from everyone for this good old script.:D
Now a working copy for publish 54 -thanks Ravenwolfe-
still drag and drop
still awesome
still Arya