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Corpse Retrieval [Fixed] 1.0

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Thanks to Hank for finding this :)
Corpse Retrieval [Fixed]
By: krazeykow (Runuo)

Supported Versions: RunUO 2.0 [RC1 & RC2]

Complaints of summoner not bringing corpse have now been fixed, this is the final version of the script.

*Special thanks to datguy and Ziyon for finding the problem.

The summoner's minion has been made immortal due to complaints of easy gold/tokens to kill ratio.


Do players complain about spending countless hours running to their corpse? The solution has arrived with the interactive corpse summoner. With an adjustable price, the summoner will list the last five corpses with loot for the player to choose from. The readout gives Time Left Till Decay | Items Present | Gold Present, to help the player choose the best corpse. When selected, the corpse will be brought to the player's location.


*Requires no core modifications
*Remembers the last five corpses with loot
*Through [props - becomes banker, healer, priced healer
*Cleans empty corpses to improve server performance
*Provides 'role-play' like summons for RP servers


Two Choices:

CorpseRetrievalPackage - Without those with XML spawner, however an invisible item is added to player's backpack to keep track of corpses.

*Preferred* CorpseRetrievalPackage_UsingXMLSpawner - An invisible item will NOT be added to player's backpack, but XML Spawner is required. - Thanks to datguy

[add corpsesummoner
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