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Corpse Retrieval [Fixed] - Corpse

Thanks to Hank for finding this :)
Corpse Retrieval [Fixed]
By: krazeykow (Runuo)

There are 2 downloads first being for xml attachement
The normal file you will find at the bottom of this post.

Supported Versions: RunUO 2.0 [RC1 & RC2]

Complaints of summoner not bringing corpse have now been fixed, this is the final version of the script.

*Special thanks to datguy and Ziyon for finding the problem.

The summoner's minion has been made immortal due to complaints of easy gold/tokens to kill ratio.


Do players complain about spending countless hours running to their corpse? The...

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It seems the time is off though. It is telling my players they have 71 minutes to collect their corpse but this is not the case as I have normal corpse decay timers.
This system is awesome. I used it back in the day for RunUO 2.0. My problem though is I downloaded your XML file you uploaded and all the fixes you said are in there aren't. The minion is still very much killable and a big gold farm option for players, especially since he doesnt fight back. Did you accidently upload the wrong file or am I missing something? Sorry for the trouble.
Thanks, the one posted in that threat wasn't actually fixed either. The minion was very much attackable. I have made the changes required to the script myself. The minion is now invulnerable to avoid farming for gold. I also gave him some stats, so if you want to make him vulnerable in the script again he should fight back now. I only made these changes to the XML version since it is Superior and ServUO comes with XML spawner anyways. Attached is the file.


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I installed this when it got release at runuo forums, i decided to remove it from my server and it get crash whenever server saves:
Hmm, is it because of the items it places to store deaths? Outside of XML?
Could be, when i removed the scrip and started the server again it asked me to remove the deathbooks, i said yes, then served started normally and boom crash when saving :)