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Decorate HS 2015-01-23


  1. RedBeard
    High Seas Client or higher
    The 'Sea Market.cfg' file was taken from Nerun's Distro I just made a decorate script for it; for shards that are already decorated.

    Sea Weed is also a daily rare:

    Place files in your server folder.

    In game type [DecorateHS

    to spawn mobiles [xmlload data/SeaMarket.xml

    I only have done the spawns for Felucca so far.

    Some mobiles need to be created by you:
    Harbor Master (docks galleons)
    Gargoyle Alchemist (sells cannons etc.)
    Gargoyle Shipwright (sells Gargoyle Galleon)
    Gargoyle Bartender (sells ingredients for fish pies)
    Boat Painter (sells galleon paint)
    Crab Fisher (sells crab pots)
    FishMonger (gives fishing quests)
    Alasdair (quester)
    Bigglesby (quester for orc galleon)

    **The Human Shipwright sells the Tokuno Galleon
    FYI! The Britain Galleon is only obtainable through the Library
    'Community Collections System' & Orc Galleon is only obtainable through questing

    These mobiles have been fabricated on the spawner so you can see how they go, and what the total mobile spawn looks like.
    Enjoy :)