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Halloween Event Halloween Event 1.2

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Origins 1st and 2nd Halloween Event

Halloween 2006-2007

The Grim Reaper and his minions attack the cemetaries across Britannia!

Grim Reaper:
Boss creature that drops Cursed Doom Artifacts.
-Weapon Abilities: [Random]
*Bleed Attack
*Paralyzing Blow
*Mortal Strike
*Crushing Blow
*WhirlWind Attack
-Special Abilities:
*Teleports Magic Casters & Ranged attackers to his location
and poisons them with Lethal Poison.
*Mass Curses all Players & Pets within 15 tile radius
*[Detect Hidden] Reveals players trying to stealth and teleports to there location

-Combat Behavior:
*Will haunt players, chasing them quickly until death or until they lose the target
*Grim Reaper returns to the graveyard he spawned in when his health drops to
33% or his prey is dead or loses sight of his target.

-Adjustable Difficulties without altering stats:
*To make this guy tougher you can allow him to replenish hits on returning to
the cemetary. [find this in the OnThink method]

this.Hits += 1000; //1000 health replenished

*You may also give him an improved Hit Point Regeneration while he is in the cemetary boundaries, by adding this to RegenRates.cs

#region Grim Reaper
if ((from.Region.IsPartOf(typeof(Regions.CemetaryRegion)) && from is GrimReaper))
points += 250;

*Considering how effective pets are in the follow sections:
-[Immune to pets] choose what damage if any pets can inflict
-[Turn Pets Wild] determine if Grim Reaper can turn pets back to wild creatures
-[Turn Pets against their Masters] Grim Reaper makes pet attack their masters
-[Overrides] IsScaryToPets set to true or false. Determine if pets will attack the
Grim Reaper or not.

public override bool IsScaryToPets { get { return false; } }

Grim Reapers minions consists of regular cemetary denizens, however, these have red colored
names. They also drop two unique items offered in orange or black hue:
- Twilight Lantern (spell channeling lantern)
- Ghoul Statuette (makes Ghouls sounds when turn on and locked down)

This event works like an Invasion broadcasting messages every 15 minutes
once a Grim Reaper is spawned in any one of Britannia's cemetaries (except Nujelm).

Spawners are setup like mini-champs, once enough minions are destroyed Grim Reaper will appear.

This is pretty much drag & drop with the exception of:
-You must add the cemetary regions in your Regions.xml under both Felucca and Trammel
if you are offering the event on both facets.
-Find the CemetaryRegion.cs and determine if you wish the cemetaries to always be set for
night time (default) I did this so players can make use of their new Twilight Lanterns
throughout the event
-Determine if you wish to increase Grim Reapers health regeneration while in a cemetary
region (as mentioned above)

1. Drop 'Spawns' & 'Scripts' folders into your servers root directory
2. Check the _Distros Edits folder for additions or changes that apply
3. Edit sections in GrimReaper.cs to your taste (mentioned above)
4. Load Spawners and disable normal cemetary spawners

Load the spawners:

In Game type:
[XmlSpawnerLoad Spawns/Grim_Reaper_Event.xml
[XmlSpawnerLoad Spawns/Grim_Reaper_Event_Trammel.xml
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