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Horde Spawner: aka Horde of Rats 2016-07-13

Mobiles, Horde, theives, ratmen, brigand, orc, spawner

  1. RedBeard
    Here is the Horde System released some time ago on RunUo.

    I made some simple adjustments to work on ServUo.
    Originally this package included just a pack of ratmen and orcs, I've added Brigands as well.
    What it does: It places a spawner 1 of 3 types. Ratmen, Orc, Brigand,
    in the form of melee, ranged, mage. You can specify the # to spawn in the main script, distance they can spawn from your chosen location. The horde waits hidden either near the road or in the woods (specify in scripts). When an unsuspecting player rolls up on the scene, they jump out and try to kill, steal and loot. After a set time (adjust in scripts) they return to hidding, to do it all over again.

    HordeSystem.cs: this is where all adjustments can be made. Find this section-

    //==Spawn location==//

    public virtual bool AlwaysInForest{ get{ return false; } }
    public virtual bool AlwaysNearARoad{ get{ return true; } }

    both of these cannot be true for this to work, if you want to set them both to true, you will then need to set the override in each script: orc, brigand, and or Rat script to only allow one choice to be true
    reguardless of how you use this, AlwaysInForest & AlwaysNearRoad cannot be set to the same value.

    as you can see below I commented the overrides out in each script so it works all the same and drag & drop. meaning currently they all spawn near the road.
    ==Other thoughts==
    AlwaysInForest never seemed like a location for theives IMO. I considered making a Horde of wolves or other animals with pack instincts, to surprise a player who has gotten off the beaten-path, your choice. If anyone decides to make more horde scripts to share with this, please feel free to post them here for others to enjoy.
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