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Drelgor Re-Release 1.1

Old Haven, Mini-Champ, New Player Quest

  1. RedBeard
    I'm Re-releasing Drelgor the Impaler. This should now be accurate; finally found his correct stats on a Japanese site.
    Drelgor is a Named Mini-Champ designed for new players located in the Advanced Skill Gain Region of Old Haven. After enough Zombies, Skeletons, and Spellbinders are slain; he will appear. He will also broadcast a message to all players in the region "Who Dares to Defile Haven? I am Drelgor the Impaler! I shall claim your souls as payment for this intrusion!"
    He drops bone armor pieces just like a Skeleton and his difficulty is a bit harder then a Skeleton but not as tough as a Skeletal Knight.

    View attachment 9071
    1. Drop Drelgor.cs into your scripts folder
    2. Place Drelgor_Spawn.xml into your Data folder
    3. If your world's already spawned you will need to disable or delete two spawners (see screenshot below).
    4.In-Game type [XmlLoad Drelgor_Spawner.xml

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    Version: 1.1
    Very nice!