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Default Character on account creation 1.0.4

When a new account is created, there will be a default character already on it

  1. Bittiez
    What Is This?
    This is a script that will create a default character on a newly created account. (This was originally designed for a shard that wanted to handle all character creation aspects in a starting zone, instead of the default UO character creation)

    Installation and ServUO version

    To install simply unzip the file to /Scripts/Custom/

    Tested with ServUO Publish 54

    Plug and play, no commands.

    If you want to edit the character data start at line 39
    It will require some advanced scripting knowledge as I didn't design it to be easily configured, sorry!
    Many of the stats/name/etc start at line 136

    The characters name is on line 139