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DOOM System 2016-06-09

DOOM, Secret Room, Dark Guardian, Lamp Post, Poison Room, Lever Puzzle

  1. RedBeard
    Doom was never fully implemented. But alas, here are the proper files for Doom. Secret Room, Poison Room, and Lever Puzzle. Anything related to this in the ServUo repo isn't proper or complete.
    If Im not mistaken you probably need to delete the 2 or 3 sets(can't recall off-hand) of double doors leading to poison room as the system adds the correct auto-locking/unlocking doors. [move them out of the way to be sure before deleting them]
    Also I would delete old levers at lever puzzle before activating the system.
    ==>Drag n Drop ingame use command [GenDoomSystem

    The Guardian Room should also have a spawner with 2 Treasure chests spawning not sure if its a level 3 & 4 or both level 4's need verification.
    Dark Guardians updated for 100% chance to drop a level 1-3 tmap for any of the 6 current maps.

Recent Reviews

  1. alchimyst
    Version: 2016-06-09
    Most excellent!! *air guitar*
  2. grimm92
    Version: 2016-06-09
    Worked well so far, thank you!
  3. Anonymous
    Version: 2016-06-09
    Nicely done!