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EnhancedMap v

Mapping Tool

  1. KaRaShO'

    Hello and welcome to EnhancedMap project!

    This proj. was born a year ago to simplify the uo game's experience.

    EnhancedMap Features:
    • Realtime syncronization between map and client
    • Support for multiclients
    • Custom network
    • Chat - Atlas - Place finder - Coordinates (X, Y, Lang, Long)
    • Support for hp, mana and stamina, poison, mortalstrike and paralyze for each users
    • Authentication System (ID and Password [given by ServerAdmin -> NO CREDENTIALS GAME!!!!!])
    • All classic points of interest (treasures, npc, inn, bank, dungeons, ecc..)
    • .uop's reader to make maps
    • Tracking system (people and deathpoint)
    • Houses
    EnhancedServer Features:
    • Custom network
    • 3 kind of accounts: ServerAdmin, RoomAdmin, Normal *
    • Support for Mono
    • Kick and Ban
    • Remote Control
    • Account management
    • AntiDDos (i hope :D)
    • Anti Spam (connection loop)
    EnhancedUpdater Features:
    • Check for new updates
    • Repair EM installation

    * A brief explanation
    EnhancedMapServer supports Rooms (the main room is General).
    You can add how many rooms you want.
    The same with accounts.
    An account has: username and password (all passwords are crypted, so REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD :D).

    ServerAdmin is the server's owner: he can do anythings.
    RoomAdmin is a leveldown of ServerAdmin and he can do some actions but only for his room (add user, remove user, ban and kick, changepassword, ecc.).
    Normaluser... not need explanation :p

    EMServer allow a remote control. Remote control is avaiable from EM > Settings > Remote. Very simple :).

    I hope that is useful :)


    1. backgroundEM.png
    2. Immagine1.png

Recent Reviews

  1. cmileto
    Version: 2016-08-06
    ty! great!