1. Leveled Spawn Controller 1.5

    This is an item that controls the default Spawners that come with the emulator. (This does not work with xmlSpawners. I may look into adding it later). This is an item that simply holds a list of Spawners, and when activated, will cause them to spawn in order. To use this item, create one...
  2. Discord Bots

    I am a sometimes OSI player and one of the Discord channels I'm in has a bot that monitors ATL Trade Chat and posts it in a specific channel on the discord. Does anyone know how they might be going about doing this? Or which bot they are using? I imagine it involves having a character logged...
  3. Voxpire

    Misc Pandora's Box (Reopened) 5.1.2

    This version supports both MUL and UOP client file formats.
  4. KaRaShO'


    KaRaShO' submitted a new resource: EnhancedMap - Mapping Tool Read more about this resource...
  5. KaRaShO'

    Maps EnhancedMap v

    Hello and welcome to EnhancedMap project! This proj. was born a year ago to simplify the uo game's experience. EnhancedMap Features: Realtime syncronization between map and client Support for multiclients Custom network Chat - Atlas - Place finder - Coordinates (X, Y, Lang, Long) Support...
  6. Fraz

    Season Change Assistant 2016-03-31

    A simple gump to control the seasons of the maps while in game. Copy into your Scripts/Commands folder. (Or other to your liking) Default control is given to Decorator and above. Change to your liking if your not afraid to get your hands dirty with these lines below...