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Season Change Assistant 2016-03-31

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ServUO or compatible UO emulator
A simple gump to control the seasons of the maps while in game.

Copy into your Scripts/Commands folder. (Or other to your liking)
Default control is given to Decorator and above. Change to your liking if your not afraid to get your hands dirty with these lines below

CommandSystem.Register("SeasonChange", AccessLevel.Decorator, new CommandEventHandler(SeasonChange_OnCommand));
CommandSystem.Register("SC", AccessLevel.Decorator, new CommandEventHandler(SeasonChange_OnCommand));

Use [SeasonChange or [SC to open the Season Change Assistant gump.

The assistant will open default to the map you are on.
You can change maps by entering the maps name in the field provided and clicking the arrow underneath it.

Click the arrow next to the season and watch fruit grow in autumn, or snow cover the ground in winter, flowers blossom in spring, or the full green of summer, and even have desolation strike your map on command!

This software is intended to be used or not used by you however you wish.
It is not intended to change weather or be a weather system.
It is only intended for an easy way to change the season of your maps.from in game.

Quickly made 3/29/16 by me - Fraz

Feel free to comment and rate this!

I would love to update with a full time/date/weather/season control system in the future. As of now only time can tell.
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