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Exploring the deep

Small optimizing update

- Deserialization now works for both delete after decay items & creatures
- Deserialization now works also for creatures abilities, enabling them back on server restart.
- Minor fixes
- Shadowlord release reward only once for player who kill him
- NEW FEATURE: Allow possible Mercutio ransom negotiation and pay with gold Hutwait debt!

For whoever already got the quest working and need the update, send me a pm with your email or an email.

For whoever made a donation since november 2015 up to now he can request the full package sending me a pm with his email.
What is included in the last update:

- Include signposts (user edit) in docs
- Fixed deco issue including correct tent model
- Fixed incompatibility with older ServUO vers
- Fix Icy wyrm spawn coord
- Several improvements on Cousteau Perron Icy Wyrm Quest
- Found better model ID for Gravewater whirlpool and replaced correctly the object
- Whirlpool scripts minor "on move over" fix, now player can both double click or cross over it.
- Removed shown coords for rope/whirlpool and others "by click" teleporters
- New reset quests auto-check condition covered (where quest will reset itself automatically)
- Icy wyrm quest become more challenging due to melt timer on the icy wyrm scales and many ice walls to destroy between us and the (cousteau perron side) dungeon exit
- Ice wyrm fixed bad name (from white wyrm to ice wyrm) and correctly placed in right location accoringly to uoguide
- Icy wyrm quest optimization to prevent bug abuse and ice wyrm pulling from easier escape after bounty collected
- Hot-Fix for serialization-deserialization issue preventing server restarts to stop quest timers decay and creatures decay
- NPCs Quester now better talking instead using system messages
- Removed spawn trigger for the wyrm and wyvern hunting replaced by automatic trigger spawn by accurate quest timer
- Corrected nictating lens removing durability and properties
- Included Label "Quest Giver" and "Quest Items" for npcs and items.
- New correct Paralithode model (previously was a temporary walkaround)
- Fixed no allowed spell region to include teleport
- Several (uncountable) minor "on-the-fly" fixes related to optimizations of scripts