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Exploring the deep

Client version 7.35
Bittiez Tools
Cartography Fix* optional
Original post with screenshots

I made possible to script all Exploring The Deep quest.

It will be available to anyone who will donate at least $15 to ServUO staff.
This is all mine production and claims aver 1 Mb of scripts and work with 30 days of work with 4-5 hours per day.

All these features have been covered:
- Protected: prevent players to crash server due to item/creatures creation with fully automated scripts.
- Clean: each summoned creature/items should own an auto decay timer when creatd that may have 30-60 mins durations.
- Accurate: with special effects and scripting (the quest has been tested intensively more then once in order to prevent bugs & is fully working very closely to OSI)

Experience new areas, creatures & several new quests from the new expansion.
- 8 new fully custom creatures
- Plenty new objects to interact with.
- Several new npcs to talk to
- New items and Hepler (repeatable) Special hook treasure hunting.

Client > 7.35 required
No custom graphic has been required and so no patcher need. Just plug & play.

How to get the new content?
After making the donation to ServUO, you send me your email via pm I will send you the files which include the docs.
Please do not redistribute this stuff firstly to valorize your donation and second will help ServUO to keep getting support from all fans!

Requirements: (FULLY EC Compatible)

Bittiez Utilities

Cartography Fix*


Flying AI**

User edits:

You have to do very few edit yourself…

In “Regions.XML”


<Facet Name = “Malas”>


<region type="Underwater" priority="50" name="Gravewater Lake">

  <rect x="1698" y="1567" width="5" height="60" />

  <rect x="1687" y="1627" width="26" height="26" />


  <region type="NoTravelSpellsAllowed" priority="50" name="Gravewater Dock">

  <rect x="1692" y="1551" width="16" height="16" />



<FacetName = “Trammel”>


  <region type="NoTravelSpellsAllowed" priority="50" name="Gravewater Lake">

  <rect x="6251" y="1613" width="222" height="200" />


* The map is designed to show Malas shipwreck when you come back to Hepler Paulson with all missions done, however if you dont like the mod, you have to comment out the HeplerPaulsonMap show if you want make it work without the Cartography Fix, you still will be able to read the Private Message where the place is.


This quest has been made with few C# knowledge but a lot of patience, so please if you wish to share any fixes you are welcome to, but I am not accepting complainings about written code methods or any workaround criticism without a provided solution, used to produce its design.

I am not accepting criticism also about the method I choose to share it, if you wish ServUO community could be kept alive it must somehow be supported. I can claim more then 1Mb of work made all with my hands spending 4-5 hours per day in a total period of almost 1 month in 90 days of work.

This is all mine production, credits go also to ServUO and all of some people in all forums who posted scripts regarding other quests or systems, which I have have passively recycled optimizing and changing code parts in order to obtain the needed result for many of the quests.

Since I tryed but without success to ask for help, this has been for me a great experience learning C# scripting in a stand alone way.

A particular thanks to Vorspire from who I took script inspiration for trapped barrels in an old post:

without that script one of the quests in the pack wouldnt be fun in the same way.

I may decide in future to develope new contents.

Please do a favor to not redistribute this content in any way.

That’s because this work is designed to spur and valor people who donates to ServUO.

Originally was intended to be set free, but why dont to join the passion and in the same time support people who every month have to pay electricity bills for also our entertainment releasing new fixed versions of the emulator we are using ?

That work has been possible to do with 4-5 hours per day of scripting in over 1 month.

I am just asking to respect my will since also I do not personally ear money from it, but support ServUO community from which all we own our entertainment.

It’s full of new custom contents and has been kept very closely to OSI too, but you may find some new workaround or new graphical effects of course to obtain the same results.

Important about somebasic rules for the correct work of the chain:

- The quest can be made once per character and will store flags over the account with the character name that completed it, so if any player delete his character and start a new one with same name in the same account, he will need to have their tags erased by GM!

- To complete the full quest chain and spawn the npc correctly you MUST be sure to read in the correct order every letters or notes contained in this walkthrough. If you dont, some npc/items may not spawn and you may be unable to continue the quest.

- During all the classical “kill and gather” quests, all ingredients will be placed automatically in your back pack automatically after you kill the bounty creature. When you come back to quest giver, you can both talk or drag and drop the item over them and you should obtain same results.

Note: if you somehow are unable to confront the mob, or you resign or for any other reason the creature despawn, you have to go back to questgiver so your character will move over an invisible spawn trigger (that respawn every 30-60 mins accordingly to the quest)

- Many quests are self-resetable: this mean that I considered that a player may die or temp abandon the quest due to difficulty. Despite my extensive tests and fixes, I cant guarantee everything will cover all the probabilities, btw if some mob/item disappear while questing, try first to click over something of his property or which is still present: as an example of that is the sorcerers scroll quest on the table: it’s explicitly written on the active gump that clicking on it once will call the master and twice will reset the quest (if you will not be able to kill the master on time or you die or you abandon it etc).

- During Champ Huthwait quest, you’ll have to face Mercutio and his crew. Well the event trigger only if you activate correctly the note reading in the place where you find it. If you dont do simply I designed the script not to erase the note but also not to spawn the brigands too. After killing Mercutio, if Champ Huthwait disappeared in the meanwhile, just press on the scroll to summon him again.

- Josef Skimmons quest, similarly to Champ Huthwait quest: if you kill the Engineer and come back without finding him (because after 60 mins he disappear), click over the scroll over again and will call him again because the script recognize you are still on quest.

- The Sorcerer’s quest as mentioned is a bit more complex: once in the dungeon to get the reagents on the ground you have to DOUBLE CLICK them underground. Same thing over the plates to place the reagents correctly. If you click the plates without having the reagents you will read the notes over it.

- During the Underworld quest, after you reach the whirlpool, you have to seek and read for ALL the notes inside the ship before you are allowed to unlock the lockers or climb the ladders to the bridge upstair.

- Additionally, you have to pay much attention when you need to find the 4 keys to the 4 lockers under all the garbage. The keys may be under tons of destroyed wood and need to be double clicked so that will be placed in the backpack (this is how this quest is designed) btw I choosen a huge model for the key so that with some attention are possible to obtain.

- The Armoire Lockers inside the ship, may be both double clicked or drag & drop with the keys.

- Same for the mechanism upstair that will activate the teleport for the great end.

- After the mechanism is ready you have to press the beside lever.

- The Shadowlords has been completely customized since there’s no much infos in the web about their abilities and so the reward.


- Read all this documentation.

- Copy all files in your ServUO directory

- Respawn all the deco in your server so that ETD ones will be included

- In game write: [xmlload spawns/etd
- and [decorate

Of course enjoy!
Kilra Yan
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