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Firerock Crafting By Hammerhand 2014-02-07

Firerock Crafting,

  1. Milva
    This was created By Hammerhand
    He has given me permission to post this since the old link is broken.
    Information on this:
    FireRockCrafting ver 3.0
    Tested on a publish 51 ForkUO/ServUO tester. Players mine in lava for small & large FireRock & CrystalineFire for crafting the weapons, armor & addon items in this system. Includes weaps & armor for Gargoyles. Anywho, without further annoyance from me, I present...
    *Does require 2 small edits to the PlayerMobile.cs, explained in included text sheet*

    FireRock Crafting
    Ver. 3.0
    by Hammerhand
    Steed, Garg & Ele by Makaar
    Player damage on fail by Molten Lava

    This system contains armor & weapons for both Human & Gargoyle players in both FireRock & CrystalineFire.
    FireStorm (repeating crossbow) that only fires the FireBolts which are craftable
    and the FlameThrower (composite bow) that only fires the
    FlamingArrows (also craftable). Neither weapon can use reg
    ammo, and neither ammo is usuable with other weapons.
    Other items included are BBQ's (addon's), HorseBardingDeeds
    (deco only), a couple lampposts, FireSteed barding
    and a custom Tall Dragon Brazier. Mobiles include
    a FireSteed.cs, the FireRockMaster NPC, a new FireRock Elemental & a
    new FireRock Gargoyle. Spawn them in lava areas such
    as the volcano in Tokuno, or in Fire Dungeon.
    Armor and weapons are now both coded for random
    attributes so no 2 will be quite the same.

    Players need to use the book purchased from the FireRockMaster to learn
    how to mine FireRock, but only after reaching
    level 100 in Mining. The Crafting is automatically
    "known" along with the standard Blacksmith skill.
    The harvest tool is the Fire Pick and can ONLY be used
    for mining FireRock which is done in lava tiles only.
    GargoyleFirePick from the FireRockGargoyle will mine the same AND spawn
    the FireRockElemental which has a chance of dropping 2 LargeFireRock.

    Players need to stand just outside the lava edge and
    target the tiles inside. The FireRock crafting tool can only
    be used for the FireRock crafting. Neither the tool or pick
    are set as craftable, but there is an NPC vendor that sells them.