Flags of the World

Flags of the World 2020-07-13

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Allows you to display the flags of 65 nations of the world. This is an expansion of the idea from Vorspire's "USA Flag".

2 ways to use this right now.

1. [viewflags -- brings up the FlagPickerGump, which lets you browse all 65 nations. The gump is coded to allow you to add or remove countries as you wish without breaking the gump.
2. [viewflag <name of the country> -- this lets you view just the flag of that country. It is not case-sensitive and you don't have to use quotes to name a country with one or more spaces in the name.

The main reason I made this was that I wanted to see what else could be done with HTML gumps. I began coding Triangles and diagonal lines, but the more I pack into the gump, the more I get warnings in the Console, and delays in displaying the gump, so I did not add any more flags.

If you would like to try coding a flag, all you have to do is add the name of the country to the array in the FlagPickerGump, then add a case to the FlagGump with the name of the country as the case option. Inside the case, use the various methods to build stripes, circles, etc. Have fun with it!

WARNING: This is not tested in a Production environment. I do NOT know what impact this will have on a server. Some of the flags are INTENSE and might cause a crash if too many of them are called at once. Perhaps you will want to change the AccessLevel requirements for the commands.




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