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Health System 2018-03-24

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This is a global health system especially for Role-Play shards. I designed it to provide an element of realism. Like most of my scripts, it is completely plug-and-play, so no need to modify PlayerMobile or anything like that. Out of the box, this system will not seem to "do" much, but the idea is to give you a means of creating a realistic feel to the game. Right away, anyone who is not already in the system will be added to the system the first time they log in. Their health will be determined by their race, gender, location, as well as who they come in to contact with, what they eat, creatures they fight, corpses they loot, etc. Personal health can be viewed with the "health" command. GMs can also check anyone's health with the "viewhealth" command. Admins can control frequency of infection with the "healthscalar" command. Scalars are like percentage chances of infection or chance to be "born" with something. Several of the "EventSink" routines have been left partially blank. This is so that you can add whatever events you feel are appropriate for your shard.

You might need to modify some of your Core files if you want to fully implement this. For example, you might want to "taint" some food, then add a check in the appropriate EventSink routine for that, etc.
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